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Mike Daniels
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Postby Mike Daniels » Mon Aug 13, 2007 3:26 pm


I watched all night
hoping for fireworks in the Leonides
but all that happened
was an ache from bending back my head
to look at the sky.
I suspect that all the clouds stopped the light
and left me looking foolish,
though I am used to that feeling now,
after the episode in the bakers.
I can still hear your voice, see them all staring.

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Louis P. Burns aka Lugh
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Re: Fireworks

Postby Louis P. Burns aka Lugh » Tue Aug 14, 2007 11:45 pm

Quirky piece Mike.

Quirky to me that is.

I set my cameras up the other night to see if I could film the predicted meteors and shooting stars. I caught none. Dense, low-lying clouds rendered the entire effort pointless.

This poem holds enigmatic qualities for me too. Every time I read the last five lines, I wonder what you are referring to when mentioning, 'the episode in the bakers'. I love the; 'What happened? No, don't tell me. That would spoil it' thoughts I get with each reading of Fireworks. The ambience and wake of this piece frames it perfectly...

Lastnight I filmed a fireworks display over the Craigavon Bridge and River Foyle. It turned out quite good. Nice reflections anyway. I still have to compress it and get it switched to a Flash media file for upload, but when I do, this poem would look really good either alongside, or in it.

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Fireworks would definitely fit Mike, and very nicely too :wink: ...

Superb work my friend :) ...
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Catherine Edmunds
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Postby Catherine Edmunds » Fri Aug 17, 2007 2:42 pm

Mixture of agonising embarrassment and black comedy here (quite apart from a stiff neck). I wonder what happened at the bakers'... fireworks? One way or another.

Love the poem. Layer upon layer of possibilities and meanings within meanings. A story - a twist in the reader's expectations. A double edged title. Excellent :)

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