Hemp Powered Vehicles.

HEALING HERBS (A Medical Cannabis Information Film) By Louis P. Burns aka Lugh & Diarmuid McGowan. © Upstate Renegade Productions 2003 / 2007 / 2008. All rights reserved.

In the Summer of 2003, Louis P. Burns aka Lugh from Upstate Renegade Productions was invited to film at an undisclosed medical cannabis farm in the U.K. Our host, who wishes to remain known as Vel due to current British legislation, took us step by step through the growing stages of medical cannabis, from cutting shed to fully mature plants ready for harvesting.

Like Vel, Lugh lives with physical disabilities that limit his mobility and cause him constant and severe pain. He was inspired to produce the HEALING HERBS film in defense of disabled people's right to alleviate their discomfort with cannabis shortly after watching a video recorded episode of the; Mark Thomas Comedy Product entitled; The Genetically Modified Mark Thomas Comedy Product (Vera Productions, 1998). This show gave an opportunity for disabled people who used medical cannabis to confront the then Home Secretary, Jack Straw.

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Hemp Powered Vehicles.

Postby Louis P. Burns aka Lugh » Sun May 23, 2010 1:09 pm

ridelust.com wrote:Hemp is a controversial material, part of the famous family of plants known as Cannabis Sativa. Hemp grown for industrial use is very low in THC the psychoactive chemical in its famous sister marijuana thus making industrial hemp useless as a drug.

Ironically, Hemp powered cars was the dream of both Henry Ford and Rudolf Diesel. However, gasoline powered engines became so cheap to manufacturer and were easy to maintain so they caught on in the automotive industry even though the pioneers had other dreams.

Read the full article here: http://www.ridelust.com/hemp_powered_vehicles/

Why aren't people demanding that hemp oil and other bio-diesel powered vehicles become the accepted form of transport rather than petroleum powered? It would be environmentally sound given that the plants put back into the environment anything that's taken out through use. Switching to hemp and other bio-diesel fuels would also diminish the excuses that drive the greed of oil companies who fund war in the Middle East and other regions as par for the course.

When considering the damage recently done by British petroleum (BP) off the Gulf of Mexico, it really is time they were hounded from the world. The petroleum oil industry is waging a war on us all with every crime against nature. They have had their day in the sun and reaped fat cash harvests from it. Our combined and proactive defense is essential to our continued survival. Hemp and other bio-diesel powered vehicles and industry are the only sensible step forward for us all...

YouTube URL = http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S9Am3yUDt3M
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