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The word is the thing

Posted: Mon Jun 01, 2009 3:34 am
by wilwynn
its all or nothing
it's something or nothing
it's large or small
bright or dark
with no in-between
its the peripathetic here-on-earth
or the hubbell far away
compound heaven
singeing eyebrows
with its visible hint of eternity

i justly rebelled when young
against this that and everything...
i swam in death infested rivers
and drank the potions of the gods
to no avail
there was nothing to be done
'cept move from day to day
accepting all and its compound nothing
all was complete in repudiation
of solidity certainty direction justice balance all
just the construct of my self floating the days away

'cause it's something or nothing
all or nothing
it's heart of meteor
eagle's flight
lighting flash
or subterranean
sometimes un-clandestine murmur
from earth's magma
demanding all
desiring nothing
rising searching for a weakness in the crust
and then kaboom
another Mt. St.Helen
and what was something
becomes nothing
all is nothing
and the rocks
were something and then nothing
and the forests were something and then nothing
and the rivers the sky the clouds the sky itself obscured
by something that made nothing of something not quite human
while we in awe crowded the sidewalks of our anguish

it's something then it's nothing
all is nothing nothing versa-vice
at the end of the road
there is another road
'cause nothing has become something surreal
catapulting hopes plans
our busy mind envisions
a vast nothing of something

o to be nothing and all
and sap and tree and water
and the pensive fish
the air the brimming air
the birds
all or nothing
nothing and all

and all for nothing?