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white hot

Posted: Sun Jul 17, 2011 4:12 pm
by wilwynn
white hot white hot this rage
white hot white hot this anger
white hot white hot this fiery moon
white hot white moon of my anger
my anger white hot burning
burning white hot corona sun
bursting hot white hot

rising from
seed infinite seed
breath white hot hot white
climbing spreading hot as white hot star heart universe big bang
hot white hot

and silent

complex sinuous long
sea wide horizon wide
hot white hot

all enveloping
in such perfect exactitude
as minute by minute it drops
sparking white fire hot

yet cold like coldest fire
blue blue flame white hot
and cold

like coldest fire

like valor
like dignity

steady strong
strong and hot
white hot white hot
and cold
cold as intent
cold as will
cold as faith and fate and fire
steady cold and hot and white
this hot cold rage this fire
this cold determined cold hot determined hot fire
this immense light this fire

my strength
my steel white hot smelting fire

my rage
my fire
my intent
my engine
my hot hot white white
blue blue fire
this blue soul
this soul
this hot white hot
transparent hot
and cold
this Soul
this Fire
this passionate hot white hot white
hot fire

this Passion
this Cup I eagerly drink from
this Cold
this Heat