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in the semi-life of dawn: delirium in five spams

Posted: Sun Jul 17, 2011 4:30 pm
by wilwynn
by Wil Wynn on Sunday, July 3, 2011 at 10:31pm

in the semi-life of dawn,
whose tenuous light caresses all,
equilateral, subtle, gaunt,
my soul afire restless falls
into the stupor of wanting more
of her.

i am he whom you know not,
i am a man on loose tight rope
over the precipice of your love.
i am talking to you, yes, you.

whatever reason
the synchronous harmony
of the spheres
(obscure cataclysmic powers
big bang in all its ever-expanding glory)
that engenders all had
in bringing us together
in this life and form

we must now together find it
before all is said and done

you, yes, you, let's go

phantasmagoria indeed
dance of shadows
introverted vertigo
of absence
your absence
your negative space
your blankness
your esoteric dance
your farewell
your never again
your sleigh of hand
you trick
your retro-chiromancy of the heart

i know
i know

you foretold my past

if as my muse
you woman you
already own chaotic
erotic asymmetry of my heart
such as it is/was
before and after that tangential silent holocaust
your half-smile
your breasts
your hips
your legs
slowly brought about

as a man
regard your presence in my life
as a gift not given
in a peculiar cacophony of loss

how to bring about rebirth?
only by dying yes
by sinking my fangs into my neck
slowly choking out the phalluscy
of my views
my opinions
my beliefs

tabula rasa before love's first
untranslatable cuneiform

and when at last
i rest
i will hold
the mystery of your life and love
within my heart of hearts
at one with the universe

and, as i think of the many things
i failed you with,
in so many ways remiss
yet forgiven,

the bulwark of that state of bliss
will be to know I loved you well
not perfectly
but well enough
for it to be the deepest satisfaction
of my life.

if such repose is,
as it is said, eternal,
then eternally i will love you well
when at last
time itself collapses
and the universe, in a reverse big bang,
coalesces back unto its primordial self

my matter will rejoice
because physics indeed predicts
parallel infinite worlds that side by side co-exist

lucky me

reborn in an infinity of ways
to infinitely love you
once again