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in this peculiar hot night mood

Posted: Sun Jul 24, 2011 12:28 am
by wilwynn
in this peculiar brooklyn tropical night lost
at higher parallels of ennui, boredom,
or the more stringent type solicitude
call it control
i feel peculiarly hot
although i'm not
bodily hot not sexually so not temper
not bared fangs or such
but all of the above in a melee of thoughts
without a proper label, right:

it's more like that eternal anguish
of becominginsubstantial or trans-substantial
maybe even hyper-substantial
ya know the drill, the space between goodbyes
the esoteric sadness of just being
a'swirling in the mad mad heat
of just being hot in a peculiar hot night of something like


outside it's calm no traffic even flows
stuporous park its trees stoops low
against this deadly wall of hot air that hangs
its paper moon, its hieroglyphics of despair
its psychos out to dry because they can't
get out of the bent over posture of their lives

now you know peculiar
watch the red light cameras of love
catch you in flagrante delicto
watch'em flash their recognition that you've crossed
the apocryphal line drawn down on the sand of how could you

pay up
the bill is in the mail
a hand is reaching for a phone in Pakistan
you will be hearing from us
"Dear sir: here we are at it again, sir,
you've promised to pay but no,
women as one rise up
demand you cover your seashells
your pseudo adamantine
your verbal pyrotechnic I-owe-youse
with the real thing
because, well, because you promised, or seemed to,
see, sir
that's the way it goes in this peculiar heat of loss"

oh, i dont know, peculiar is as peculiar does
and i'm doing it alright
peculiarizing this peculiar night
my ship is not airtight
bubbles rise up rise up
the coast guard of the lost
premeditates another sinking
another effort gone awry
detail, stand by to launch,
bring down the deeper tools,
the shearers of bad moods
the rippers of intransigent self-pity
stand by to board them quivering matildas
fuck'em all

like i said
in this peculiar night peculiar mood
peculiar heat of night
peculiar night of heat
tossing and tumbling
turning and grumbling yeh
i guess

i don't give too much of a shit
'bout nuttin'
but peculiar