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i sing my dead trilobite heart

Posted: Mon Aug 01, 2011 4:45 am
by wilwynn
i sing my dead trilobite heart
its fossil memories encrusted lie
in former experiential seas
now valleys dry of anything genuine
i sing of former hopes
and former lives
engulfed by relentless time
meaningless, unconcerned,
fossilized dormant in their pre-cambrian torpitude
acquiring layer upon layer
of nothing left behind.

really, it's too much
to try and recall the way we were
and dig them losses
in the rude paleontology
of love's slow extinction
in the grand miniature universe of our days
same sun same moon same planetoids
of hope revolving around galaxy alive of our despair.

stop the metaphors!

why can't i just say i miss her now and then
the way the light struck her eyes
reflected off her skin
while she lit up the room with her smile.
it's just the way it is
i guess
to obscure the loss of daily experience
that I feel slipping through my hands
while minute after minute falls
down the bungee jump-off of our days.

it's just the way it is, I guess
did i say that before?
at loss for words
i hang my hat on my coat rack of disillusion
'cause it's the way it goes
deep down my trilobite heart
its softness of being engulfed
by time
replaced by unfeeling stone
while it acquires
layer after layer
of nothing left behind.