Believing The Voices by Kate Lander © 2009...

Kate Lander is a superb dramatist, poet and writer who has worked with this site's owner on many projects via other writers communities and social networking sites and the very early days of the original Sensitize © that used to be on the MSN network. Kate's material is often themed around domestic situations and relationships but her work knows no limits...

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Believing The Voices by Kate Lander © 2009...

Postby Kate Lander » Wed Mar 10, 2010 11:44 pm

Believing The Voices
by Kate Lander © 2009. All rights reserved.

She listens to music played at high volume
As it drowns out the voices in her head
Each drumbeat and riff takes her away
The tracks in her mind play on repeat
A monotonous noise she tries to ignore
Telling her to live a life less ordinary
To be herself

But she can’t press mute forever
The words flow out, so Rufus says
Like they’re filling up a paper cup
So she writes them down
In a jumbled and erratic cacophony
Of diction and instruction
To be ignored

Nothings gonna change my world
So he says, and she believes him
But the voices say otherwise
They tell her of a life across the universe
where others listen to them as well as she
and she is applauded
and she is loved

The dream of such resonates within her mind
Growing like a cancerous worm
Winding through the everyday
Sometimes she tunes in the voices
Like a chorus of angels and serafin
She rejoices in their song of being
And she believes.

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