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Saying hello

Posted: Thu Dec 02, 2010 2:05 am
by Doiremick
I'm glad to have been invited to sensitize, hello everyone!!! I'm Mick, what I'm here for is the same as everyone else really to share with like minds thoughts and ideas about our lives, health, spiritual insights and common interests.

I've been studying the law now for a while among other things and if anyone has any questions don't hesitate to ask, no question is a stupid question if you don't know the answer...anyone who wants a discussion about a topic they've seen me bring forward you're more than welcome to PM me and what I can do is open a separate thread for the chat and allow others to see and inject some of their thoughts if they wish.

I'm working on what I want to bring forward as my first topic, since Lugh has already mentioned my TV licence escapades I'll discuss first common law, what it is, how it works and the rights you have in dealing with contracts, what a contract is and the types of contracts that exist. Keep an eye it'll be here soon, until then thanks for reading and keep fighting the good fight.