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Posted: Sun Oct 01, 2006 8:01 pm
by Louis P. Burns aka Lugh
Cool :D

Posted: Sun Oct 01, 2006 8:08 pm
by Louis P. Burns aka Lugh
the_leander wrote:From the article:

Musicians get sod all, record companies crack open the Champers

Says it all really.. :roll:

Full story here.

It really is getting bloody ridiculous now. Where in any other industry is originality and craft person's skills exploited to such a standard?

One of the eventual aims of Sensitize and Upstate Renegade Productions is to give a new media / online platform to new, innovative and original artists, musicians and writers. Here, if it's carried out properly and with the artist's goals of earning a proper income from their art / music etc, they will earn for themselves and this will be to the benefit of us all.

We have enough talent running through Sensitize to boost and promote new acts in a safe way that protects their work and creates opportunities for everyone involved.

Anonymous wrote:An unnamed person of my acquaintance downloads all music in such a way as to avoid paying anybody anything, then, if he likes the music, he make a real effort to buy tickets to go and see the band live.

Speaking as a performing musician, I can't help but sympathise with this approach. It is very difficult for musicians to get a good deal from record companies etc., despite the efforts of the musician's union. At least my unnamed acquaintance shows practical support for the bands he likes by attending their gigs.

The more I read about how the current music industry rips their employees (musicians) off, the more I am inclined to agree with downloaders. Your friend downloading bands they like then supporting them by going to their gigs has a positive effect directly on those bands. They do make more from touring than they could ever make through the record companies who supposedly market them.