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Lugh interviewed re; Nationwide Building Society - Thieves..

Posted: Wed Nov 26, 2008 8:48 pm
by Louis P. Burns aka Lugh
I was interviewed re; Nationwide Building Society's (possibly) illegal and unethical bank charges. I will be adding to this as it all develops but recently I took part on a telephone survey with Network Research who - it has transpired, are in support of Nationwide Building Society, or at least working on their behalf. However, as you will hear I took full advantage of the situation and used it to speak out against Nationwide's excessive bank charges. I then asked them for a copy of the recording and I'm also awaiting a text transcript of the call/interview/survey under the Data Protection and Freedom of Information Acts. Network Research obliged and forwarded to me an email attachment copy mp3 of the survey call which took place on the 18th November, 2008. To hear the entire survey call (running time approximately 20 minutes) please click the following link which will open the recording on your media players:

http://www.upstaterenegadeproductions.c ... Nov_08.mp3

Thanks :wink: ...

Re: Lugh interviewed re; Nationwide Building Society

Posted: Wed Dec 03, 2008 1:30 am
by Louis P. Burns aka Lugh

I contacted Nationwide Building Society's account holder's line on monday of this week and this recording (which has had a minor editing adjustment to protect my account details) was the outcome. I know some of you will have issues about my recording telephone calls, but given the level of (possibly) enforced criminality that Nationwide Building Society have and are exercising against me and potentially hundreds of thousands of other customers, I reckon it's worth it. Also bear in mind that even the female employee of Nationwide Building Society who takes the call at the start before transferring me over to her supervisor (Warren) agrees that it's unfair. That's brilliant in my book but not nearly enough:

http://www.upstaterenegadeproductions.c ... harges.mp3

By clicking the above link you are accepting that you will become a witness to a recorded telephone conversation between Nationwide Building Society and myself (Louis P. Burns) dated 01.12.08. Please feel free to copy and paste this link to anywhere that can address the continued (apparent) theft carried out by Nationwide Building Society against their customers, therefore the very people who keep them in their jobs. I honestly feel this action and others like it will in time prove to be the death of extortionate bank charges in the UK which enforce debt, create credit risk catagorised people, family split-ups, suicides, depression and chronic anxieties. All of which are technically, assault...

I'm curious. Is this how the Fat Cat Bankers gather the slush fund together for their management bonus schemes? Rob the poor to over-indulge the rich?


Re: Lugh interviewed re; Nationwide Building Society - Thieves..

Posted: Wed Dec 31, 2008 7:44 pm
by Louis P. Burns aka Lugh
New Year's Eve, 2008 - Update:

The Press Association wrote:Wages glitch at building society

Quote from Nationwide on The Press Association wrote:Nationwide said that a "small minority" of its Flex current account customers were affected by the problem.

What they have failed to point out is that this money was scheduled for withdrawal yesterday. I was due a payment but it didn't go through. Likewise for a few friends of mine who bank with Nationwide. That means that my money, their's and everyone else caught in this 'minority of Flex current account customers,' is sitting in the Nationwide central account gaining interest for Nationwide.

I phoned the local DHSS building and the staff there explained that "due to an error no-one's money cleared." They also said "the money would definitely be there tomorrow." That they were "sorry for the inconvenience."

No money today either. I phoned Nationwide but they're off on holidays now because it's New Year's Eve. I phoned the DHSS again and they told me that anyone due to be paid through a Nationwide or Royal Bank of Scotland account would have to physically make their way to the local branch with identification. No payments are being made at ATM's. I'm skint and the local branch is over 4 miles away! There's a stalled bus service and warnings on the news saying 'not to go out because the roads are treacherous with black ice.' Taxi fares are double fare today because of the holiday. What that means is yesterday, today and tomorrow (New Year's Day) my money isn't available to me.

I'm curious, would I be entitled to the interest + any expenses I'm out already e.g; taxi fares to hole-in-wall and back home earlier today, cost of phone calls to DHSS about it? What about the stress this has caused me and everyone else either in employment or unemployed, who have yet again been ripped off or heavily inconvenienced by the Nationwide Building Society?

Tonight I'll be having crackers and cheese with black tea for my dinner. I still have some frozen Brussel sprouts and a tin of hot dogs that I can cook for my New Year's Day dinner tomorrow. That's if my electric stays on of course. It's perilously low at the moment. If there are any problems on Friday I'm going to report that I have been robbed to the Police. It would be wise of them to take my compaint seriously because I will be recording it.

Among friends - rumours abounded that the Nationwide had gone into liquidation and robbed us all on the way out. That was very easy to believe earlier today but not the case. It shows the levels of trust people have for the banks these days though.

The quotes up above were taken from: ... 1wZOx_773A

What a way to start 2009 eh?

Re: Lugh interviewed re; Nationwide Building Society - Thieves..

Posted: Wed Dec 31, 2008 10:16 pm
by Louis P. Burns aka Lugh
Yeah. What if I was to charge them for all the inconvenience I've been put through lately? Would they find that in any way fair? Or, would they contest/dismiss it? I'd say, if they cancelled any monies they think I currently owe them in bank charges and make a payment to PayPal for the amount they are owed, I'll say no more on the matter. We can all get back to normal and with time and a support base of other victims of their crimes I could even begin to believe they have my best interests at heart as a customer...

What's the craic Nationwide? The above suggestion will work out cheaper for you in the longrun. Consider the legal costs you'll have to pay me on top of the compensation you already owe me, for the varied breaches of my civil and human rights by you, since I became a customer with you...

You have my number. Give me a call please...