SiCKNoTe - Announcements

This forum will act mainly as a portal into already existing and official SiCKnoTe blogs, channels, forums and websites. Members of the band and their record label (Tantrum Records) have access to this forum to announce festivals, gigs, parties and tour dates, as well as updating fans and friends about new downloads, collaborative projects, productions and/or anything else SiCKnoTe related.

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SiCKNoTe - Announcements

Postby SiCKNoTe » Wed Jul 20, 2011 11:45 am

SiCKNoTe - Announcements
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These pages should keep you updated on downloads, collaborative projects, events, festivals, gigs, press, tour dates and releases for SiCKnoTe. These will also be posted to their allotted slots on this forum and other forums throughout Sensitize © ...

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