Adjectives Nouns Divide and Rule.

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Adjectives Nouns Divide and Rule.

Postby Craig High » Sat Mar 03, 2012 1:46 pm

Since my first post was all about me me me me me me this second post is all about my partner. She came out with something this morning that I have never heard before. In the light of suspicions that a radical agit prop performer has stolen two of my tin whistles and my tenor recorder {things I cannot afford to replace even though I am on the eve of a recording session} Kiran {my partner} came to this conclusion....
The major problem with society has always been adjectives being used as nouns. So when I said that I was disgusted that a fellow Punk from my own generation has given ammunition to Conservatives and coppers who claim Punks are thieves and villains she said I should not use the word “Punk” as a noun. Using "Punk" as a noun implies that I am collectively responsible for the behaviour of everybody who calls themselves a “Punk” when in reality some Punks have as little in common with me as I have with people who support the Tories. So I asked her if she thought an improved use of language would mean that I describe myself as Punk rather than as a Punk. Punk being used as an adjective rather than a noun. I would therefore be using the phrase in conjunction with everything else I perceive myself to be rather than narrowing other people's perception of me. I thought fucking hell this could be expanded. I am not an anarchist. I am anarchist. Anarchism would therefore describe my thought processes and political beliefs but would not define them or indeed limit them. This was the most compelling argument concerning the labelling of social groups I think I have heard to date and it happened this morning after a bitter domestic argument that nearly earned me a smack in the mouth. My rage at someone whom I had invited into my house stealing some irreplaceable kit kicked my partner off because I wouldn't shut up for a whole hour rather than calmly assessing the situation. So when some wanker says they are a Tory {something nobody I know will admit to implying Tories are very thin on the ground considering the wide range of different people a 48 year old like me has met over the years} perhaps we should say “You are not a Tory. You are Tory.” {Tory being used as an adjective rather than a noun}. This denies them the propagandist myth that all Tories are in agreement, act similarly and believe the same things.
This prevents stereotyping and therefore takes a damaging psychological tool away from those who seek to divide and rule.
I shall now concentrate on other people's contributions to this wicked site for fear that my involvement in it appears to be all about me me me me me. Cxx
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