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Contacting Sensitize © & Upstate Renegade Productions...

Posted: Thu Jan 21, 2010 10:31 pm
by Louis P. Burns aka Lugh
Contacting Sensitize © & Upstate Renegade Productions.

The domain, its webpages and the Sensitize © community of activists, artists, authors, e-poets, e-publishers, film makers, independent publishers, campaign journalists, media/music producers, and writers forums on it, are all voluntarily staffed by the domain's owner; Louis P. Burns aka Lugh - Civil, disabilities and human rights campaigner, comedian, e-poet, campaign journalist, independent media producer. musician, poet, song, short story, stage and screenplay writer.

Upstate Renegade Productions exists to promote Louis' own work as an independent artist and the works of his creative friends plus people he has collaborated with over the years or is still networking with via Facebook, MySpace and YouTube.


If you wish to make a donation towards the runnings costs of this domain, website and community, in return for a clickable banner to your own website placed on the left or righthand side of the various webpages on the domain and in your signature here on Sensitize © (where applicable). You can do so by clicking on the PayPal Donate buttons throughout our website pages.

If you do make a donation, please be sure to
register to join Sensitize © with the same email address you made your donation via. This also applies if you wish to have a forum hosted here on Sensitize ©. The PayPal contact webmail address for Louis P. Burns aka Lugh is; lugh @ upstaterenegadeproductions dot com. You can also Gmail Louis P. Burns aka Lugh on; lugh4u @ Googlemail dot com . <-- Don't forget to close the spaces and replace the word 'dot' with a fullstop in those two addresses folks ...

ATTN: Members of:
Sensitize ©

If you have a problem with any feature of Sensitize ©, or if you want to notify us of any unsolicited spam posts which may have been missed on Sensitize ©. Please contact: Louis P. Burns aka Lugh for assistance by placing the words: 'Spam on Sensitize © or Problem with Sensitize ©'

in the title bar with a brief description + link to the offending spam (where applicable) in your message.

Cheers people :wink: ...

Thank you for your continued input, membership and sponsorship. By supporting us, you are directly assisting to promote the campaigning and creative members working on
Sensitize ©.

You should be very proud of yourselves - Well Played People :wink: ...