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Postby Norris Nuvo » Tue Nov 27, 2012 11:14 am

I was forced by illness to retire from my job as an art teacher. At the time I was extremely upset at the loss of income, but welcomed the opportunity to retire early [with no pension] - It set me free to work on myself and discover the true artist inside........ Work is Slavery

I shall no more walk across the frozen tundra that is the world of work
Head down and muffled deep against the icy blasts of their conformity
The white cliffs of rules and regulations enshrined in shards of frozen pay
Crumble, crack and fall in the welcome thaw of retirement and unemployment
My feet now shuffle through the sands along the balmy shores of self indulgence
Warming my bones upon the sinful flames of their bonfires of the vanities
I did consider the lilies and the birds and knew at heart the truth of it
That work is no more than slavery, stealing your time, your life, and soul away
Changing your unique snowflakes of thought into a homogenous slush of guilt
Conformity and ignorance shape you into the cog for their machine
To make more cogs, to be a brick in their prison wall is all that you will be
And the ice will form and freeze you to the ground and the winds will howl your name
While you work and work to stay alive until the hand of death at last stills your heart

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