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Hosni Mubarak Announces He Will Not Leave Until September.

Posted: Thu Feb 10, 2011 11:22 pm
by Louis P. Burns aka Lugh
Hosni Mubarak Announces He Will Not Leave Until September: ... on-rumours

‎(Inserting a hefty dose of sarcasm here):

Yes, but if Mubarak stays until September for his puppet masters in Washington, they in turn will be able to spin some crap about special relationships with Britain and get them fully on board. They'll be able to tear a chunk off any debt Britain still owes them for World War II and David Cameron will be in a position to appear forward-thinking by being the UK Prime Minister that creates hundreds of thousands of jobs for the unemployed as little more than bullet shielding body counts, equivalent to sandbags / soldiers. They'll then be deployed to the region and Britain will no doubt be written into history yet again as some sort of fucking hero when it goes out to Egypt to 'keep the peace' (by murdering their children on their own streets).

Mind you, the Queen will be delighted of course and offer rewards in the form of bits of coloured cloth to any poor bastard who makes it out alive. Obama will get an honourary knighthood which will look good beside his Nobel Prize for Peace. Mubarak will be plucked to safety to continue elsewhere, while any remaining witnesses to it all will be silenced apart from the occasional 'conspiracy theory' website or YouTube clip external to Egypt and therefore by default part of the cover up. The banks will hide a multitude of sins and fraudulent crimes in the chaos of it all, rewarding themselves handsomely as they go for doing so by charging the most vulnerable in society banking fees for overdrafts.

I think that's most of it covered. Have I missed anything?

Oh wait! Funeral homes / undertakers will make a vast fortune from the extra deaths and resultant memorial services. Then pay accordingly through taxes, which in turn will make all of the above (except the victims) happy until eventually the global economy sighs with relief and 'normality' is resumed with quotes from fat, balding British Churchillian tyrants.

I'm sure I've seen this all before...