Why are Christians afraid of Dildoes or Vibrators?

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Why are Christians afraid of Dildoes or Vibrators?

They don't like it up em? lol
Worried about what the neighbours will say, if spotted in the sexshop?
Worried about husbands or wives nicking em?
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Don't like the current cost of batteries?
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joanne chapman
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Postby joanne chapman » Tue Mar 07, 2006 1:45 am

Lugh wrote:
jo wrote:I hope my JW lady don't read through my list of past sins. She'd be a long time. :twisted:

When they call here I just tell them to piss off and give my head peace... I find that sorts things out nicely. Haven't had any complaints from them anyway...

What these people, from all these different religions are actually saying is;

'My imaginary friend / higher self doesn't like the choices you make or the person you are'...

They're downright fucking rude and possibly insane. If someone walked up to you anywhere else and said;

'I don't like you. I think you're disgusting'

or some other equally condescending phrase, wouldn't you say, 'fair enough' and leave or ask them to leave? It's all draped in myth and promises of spiritual cleanliness, but it's elitest seperatism in motion...

I have lots of people tell me I'm disgusting, it's my trademark.

I thought it was women that got PMT...what do you give your paperboy for christmas, newspapers to recycle?

My JW lady don't know the truth..tehe :lol:


Postby the_leander » Tue Mar 07, 2006 1:54 am

Lugh wrote:
the_leander wrote:I know that the JW's up until very very recently had all manner of prohibition on various sexual acts, and it was a manditory requirement for anyone practicing these acts to confess and face potential expulsion as a result.

It was only after legal threats in the US that these edicts began to get quietly dropped under the heading of "new light"....

The confessional box or its equivalent at a JW church must've been a scream. 'He swung from the chandeliers with a red PVC suit and gimp-mask on. He entered me and it was good. Oh so gooooooood'..! - She kissed me all over my body. She smelled of perfume and was dressed in a way that did pleaseth the eye. She was more tender than Gawd'..!

Silly feckers..!

'New Light' - How did they come up with that one? Were they sitting there, reading through lists of past 'sins' from former Jehovah Witnesses, gasping and tutting but secretly getting turned on while playing with themselves? Did they temporarily 'go blind' from orgasm and then see everything in a new light?

How can anyone that briefly pro-creates while feeling disgusted by the act and the shame at not spending more time saving souls, really tell someone else how to love?

New light is the phrase used as a gettout clause for when the people in power in the JW's change a doctrine, it comes from the bible, but its meaning has been highjacked - it was originally meant to mean further explanation building on what is already known. It is this reason that JW's claim their belief system "has never changed" and why they then attack other sects of Christianity for changing doctrine... The JW's are a high control group.

JW confessions are basically interrogations, a person goes before a group of three elders where they are asked every detail of a given "sin". If you are deamed to show repentance, you might get away with a warning, more often then not however, such meetings result in one being written off as "spiritually dead" and as such, no other witness will be allowed to talk to them.

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Postby upstate » Tue Mar 07, 2006 1:56 am

jo wrote:what do you give your paperboy for christmas, newspapers to recycle?

He can fuck off 'n' all. I read the news online :P

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