Dying People Told They Will Lose NHS Care If They Buy Meds

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Dying People Told They Will Lose NHS Care If They Buy Meds

Postby Louis P. Burns aka Lugh » Tue Jun 10, 2008 11:26 pm

Dying People Told They Will Lose NHS Care If They Buy Meds..!
By Louis P. Burns aka Lugh © 2008. All rights reserved.
    I'm sitting here watching Newsnight on BBC2 and the NHS have announced that if someone buys medication privately, the NHS will not provide or will discontinue care for them. This includes people living with cancers and other life-threatening conditions seeking to extend what little time they have left with their families.

    Isn't this a bit bloody much? What about all of their National Insurance (NI) payments made either through a life time's work contributions to the NI system or if they've been longterm sick, their NI payments taken at source from their benefits? If someone living with a condition that will either kill or drastically change their quality of life are being denied access to treatment and medication via the NHS. Then doesn't that mean the NHS administrators and the government are guilty of deception, fraud and theft?

    Where the hell does this all end? The government make £8 billion a year in taxes through the sale of tobacco but NHS doctors are instructed to tell patients to get off tobacco. Tobacco is a more addictive drug than heroin! Do they seriously believe that people can just simply quit? Shouldn't the money from those taxes be invested in one-on-one counselling and support for those addicted to tobacco and palliative care for those who have sucumbed to a terminal illness through the use of tobacco?

    Take your pick. Treatment for terminal illnesses brought about by the use of tobacco, unsafe working conditions, alcohol abuse (all taxed) should at the very least ante up when it's done damage to the victims it creates.

    Here's a thought: A few years ago I had a real git of a time with a bad flare-up of a condition I've had my entire life; sinusitus. I had to be treated with anti-biotics and painkillers. It was the most severe episode of this condition I had. If I had gone out and bought over-the-counter treatments for it, would it be fair to assume the NHS could wash their hands of me? I also live with depression and physical disabilities. Many of you know I use cannabis for pain relief because the various NHS prescribed medications make me ill or bind me up. Am I to assume that if I present myself at my GP's surgery or the local hospital in an episode of prolonged illness that I will be turned away? If so, I want my money back.

    ALL OF IT :evil: ...!!!
Further reading on this topic can be found on this BBC Health News page:


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