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Re: Heading Inland. By Louis P. Burns aka Lugh © 2007.

Posted: Tue Mar 02, 2010 8:12 pm
by Louis P. Burns aka Lugh
I wish to feck Catherine was still posting to Sensitize and that we hadn't fallen out. Not only do I miss her immensely, she'd be rolling in the aisles with laughter on here right now. Some sneaky gits have only gone and built apartment towers and there's a foot-bridge being built across the River Foyle (right in the heart of the city.

There's also a new state-of-the-art tower of study rooms with a stairwell of clear glass sides being built directly across the Strand Road from the oldest annex of the NWIFHE technical college. Both of these buildings (old and new) are being connected by a long glass encased walkway that spans the breadth of the Strand Road. I have every intention of visiting this site at some time after it opens to capture shots of Derry City at work, rest and play 24/7 8) ...

Catherine, if you're still reading Sensitize. I am sorry for my part in our little war.

It is over. Please come home :) ...