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Posted: Mon Sep 18, 2006 4:55 pm
by the_leander
Lugh wrote:
the_leander wrote:Any word on the other stuff?

Sorry, are we talking about the false therapy melarky Alan?

Actually I was thinking other works but there you go. :D

Posted: Mon Sep 18, 2006 6:19 pm
by Louis P. Burns aka Lugh
the_leander wrote:Actually I was thinking other works but there you go. :D
Click here to see The Management of; MSN The Pleasure Dome;a home for writers ... 9801662695
Or click here to see the real thing

Nowt yet Alan. Have never received an email from either Suzi Pritchard or Fraser Duncan, explaining their activities on what are billed as writer's learning communities or what they thought they were playing at. Nothing explaining why Suzi assumed the right to hold onto my work or display it. Imho, I think they really should come clean now and save themselves further embarrassment. I'm a reasonable man and will give them more than they ever gave anyone e.g; listening time.

Cheers dude :)

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Tossers United

Posted: Wed Sep 27, 2006 3:48 pm
by Louis P. Burns aka Lugh
I see Tossers United have a new pitch to play on. Tosser is one in many endearing little nicknames I have adopted for Fraser Duncan the false therapist who I've reported to Josephine Teague at N-SHAP and Mike Bowen at UKCP. Hopefully MySpace will get a suss on this dipstick (Fraser Duncan) as well and close him down.

Interesting juicy bit of gossip: Jan Harris aka Phoebe ( Admin on ) who claims to be a very spiritual person but is in actual fact a censoring and lying scumbag, is now plugging Fraser Duncan's latest wanky adventure called; Bugwriters on her new writer's site; Joined-up Writing. Fraser's the waste-of-space dickhead I've caught lying many times about being a therapist. His latest farce with; Bugwriters will no doubt have all sorts of false credentials embedded somewhere within. I'll get a suss and pass my findings onto Josephine Teague at N-SHAP and Mike Bowen at UKCP. I'm sure they'll be more than a little intrigued.

I have to admit, I'm a bit gutted to see talented writers like Karen Avey aka Miakoda and Mike Daniels aka Danimik on a site run by Jan Harris aka Phoebe ( Admin on ). What a complete waste of their time. Karen initially assisted me in revealing and bringing down and their MSN sister site; The Pleasure Dome;a home for writers where the complete gulpin; Jan Harris aka Phoebe revelled so long in tormenting everyone with her unreasonable censorship and intellectual copyright theft. I have several Microsoft Messenger chats (stored) where Karen spoke of her own suspicions about the admin (Jan Harris aka Phoebe) of both Dome communities. Odd, ain't it?

Mind you, not as odd as that muppet fuckwit; Fraser Duncan. I still can't get over him here. It cracks me up with laughter whenever I hear and read this pathetic bollocks and excuse for a human being (Fraser Duncan) every time. What a complete fanny :roll: ..!

Hyperlinks in this message are to a complete cunt on a MySpace site who is under investigation by the appropriate authorities - N-SHAP and UKCP; ... d=56053196
Another one of Fraser Duncan's (see above) sick and sneaky lairs;
Jan Harris aka Phoebe's latest effort;
SpiritNet run by Karen Avey aka Miakoda;
MSN Public Toilet full of crap merchants; ... tpage.msnw
and a sizeable 'parcel of bastards' known as Dome 2 Ltd, 21 Mount Street. Nuneaton. ENGLAND CV11 5PL managed and owned by Suzi Pritchard; ... p3/mp3.php


Posted: Wed May 14, 2008 1:42 am
by Louis P. Burns aka Lugh
Throughout this thread my old land address has been included. I recently moved into a new place and if anyone wishes to contact me concerning any of the contacts of this thread. Can they please join Sensitize © and either post a message to general mesages for my attention or by private message.

Should you wish to contact me by regular mail. Please do so to;

Louis P. Burns
42 Farland Way
Northern Ireland
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Defining Censorship Campaign...
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This entire situation developed as a result of my becoming the victim of censorship, denial of access to my own written work, fraud, intellectual copyright theft and outright criminality by a few individuals working / owning (questionable) writer's communities/forums online. Those individuals can be found lurking/working here: ... tpage.msnw ... d=56053196

2 people in particular continued to 'put the boot in', even after I warned them that I had contacted the Police and various charities who stood to lose either professional credibility or finances / sponsorship through association with any online communities/forums run or frequented by these people: <> <>

All the while this was going on, my colleague (and friend) - Diarmuid and I were producing a short information film for the internet called Healing Herbs. It was inspired by one of Mark Thomas'* campaigns to have the legislation surrounding disabled people's right to self-medicate with cannabis, as opposed to toxic chemicals, given out (sometimes experimentally) to people via the NHS with the full approval of the British government (who have a vested interest in making money from pharmaceutical companies).

As far as I was concerned, it stood to reason that if anyone could address censorship and all of the associated crimes / human rights violations that follow in the wake of censorship, then Mark Thomas could.

What you will read if you click on the coloured text title at the top of this post (or the link drectly below) is a demonstration of just how damaging and far reaching bullying, the denial of a human being to access their own creativity, opinions, political perspectives, thoughts and words, in short; censorship, can be. For your convenience. Here is the link directly to the Defining Censorship Campaign once more: ... .php?t=661


* Click the next link to find out more about Mark Thomas and his work:


Hasta la Vista Fuckers..!

Posted: Wed Feb 25, 2009 7:38 am
by Louis P. Burns aka Lugh ... losure.htm

^ was formally The Pleasure Dome;a home for writers

Hasta la Vista Fuckers :wink: 8) :mrgreen: ..!