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One For The Road To Peace In Ireland* By Louis P. Burns ©

Posted: Tue Jan 30, 2007 2:56 am
by Louis P. Burns aka Lugh
one for the road to peace in ireland *
By Louis P. Burns aka Lugh © 2004/2007. All Rights Reserved.
    nights i have
    seen eternal
    threads glistening like
    icicles. icy shapes
    on window ledges.
    burns the surface.
    then all the


    amazes me
    and i can see
    how beautiful it
    all can be. all can be
    one again yes one
    a gain. i'm sure
    you've caught it
    in your

* Formally: one for hope...

Posted: Wed Mar 28, 2007 9:57 am
by Louis P. Burns aka Lugh
Well, that was a long journey with a lot of unnecessary pain on all sides, but now thankfully the roads of hate are closing and things are looking good...

It has been a strange day here in Ireland. Beautiful springtime sunshine over all the fields and houses. Folk going about their normal routine. Like everyone else I tried shutting out my doubts and silently hoped for the best because so many times our longing for peace and a bright future has been marred by pointless acts of violence and pathetic vendetta. The fear and gloom kicked in on days like that before. I guess that's something we've all felt many, many times. All it ever did was grind us down and engrain tired old dogmatic thinking.

Who knows where it will all go from here? One thing is for certain though. The vast majority of people just want to live in harmony with their neighbours and that looks like coming a lot closer because of today...

I know I have slagged off all the politicians engaged in Northern Ireland's demographic map but I genuinely wish them all the very best for the future. They now have the opportunity to lead by mature and peaceful example :) ...

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