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The Sleepless Sands

Posted: Sat Jul 05, 2008 11:44 am
by Catherine Edmunds

Catherine's short story, "I Have a Daughter" appears in the High Fantasy anthology: The Sleepless Sands, ISBN 978-0-9553429-3-6, published by Earlyworks Press.

"I have a daughter."
My father's deep tones rang out, commanding silence, and the moment I'd been dreading since I turned sixteen finally arrived. I clutched Shull's fur and watched intently from behind the grill that had helped keep me invisible all these years.
The tall warrior's eyes lit up. These were the first words of a ritual, and barbarian or no, he knew them well, but had never expected to hear them himelf. None in the hall would have know of my existence; the fact that my father had a daughter. There was a murmuring of surprise, then a hushing to silence.
"I have a daughter," my father repeated, softly this time, and this time the warrior responded. The ritualistic words were spoken harshly, his voice cracking with the strain of sudden unexpected hope.
"I have need of a wife..."

"The Sleepless Sands" may be obtained directly through Earlyworks Press.

The audio version of "I Have a Daughter" is now available as a free download from Clonepod.