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high velocity: call for photographers & graphic artists...

Posted: Mon Jan 12, 2009 3:24 am
by Louis P. Burns aka Lugh
Hi folks,

I'm almost certain that by now you're familiar with my anti-political, anti-war video-poem; High Velocity:

http://www.upstaterenegadeproductions.c ... gowan.html

Feck knows, I've plugged it enough times everywhere lmao :P ...

Recently my old bandmate, Andy West sampled and slightly remixed the poem then set it to music which has rendered the piece longer (play time). You can listen to the 1st draft remastered version on my; MySpace profile sited here:

What this means is that I will need more photographs (about 60 I'd say) to extend the already existing video (see first link up above) and believe this would be a great way to raise awareness of the current situation in Gaza/Palestine. I believe it is time for activists and artists of all sorts, to work together to artistically express our complete revulsion towards; Israel, America, Britain and all other nations abstaining from calling for a total cessation of hostilities. There is no justification for it!

The opportunity exists for Sensitize © photographers to become involved in a music video, as stills photographers which I will be producing with some friends soon. I will be putting the video together over the next few months and it will be hosted on this domain then propagated via the web. There is as yet no specified closing date for submissions. The job will be complete when it is. As you all probably know, I'm on the dole and can't afford to pay anyone for participation, but I will acknowledge all people involved - in the end credits of the film and all affiliated webpages. They can also host the video on their websites as long as they link back to here and relevant webpages, respecting all copyrights put in place.

The Project:
We need as many photograghs as possibly of inner city graffiti and murals opposing the current massacre in Gaza/Palestine.

To all Sensitize © graphic artists reading this post: Your pictures on this theme would also be very gratefully received. If Sensitize © graphic artists and photographers are interested in submitting their work on this theme to me, they can do so by email to:

lugh at upstaterenegadeproductions dot com

Cheers :) ...

Louis P. Burns aka Lugh