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® Lugh's Muesli. by Louis P. Burns aka Lugh © 2008. All rig

Posted: Tue Mar 17, 2009 9:39 pm
by Louis P. Burns aka Lugh
® lugh's muesli ;)
by louis p . burns aka lugh © 2008. all rights reserved.

    3lb porridge oats (best quality you can afford)

    2lb / 2.2kg whole or crushed brazil nuts

    1lb / 1.1kg shelled hazelnuts

    3lb / 3.3kg mixed fruit
    (currants, raisins mix - available from most good
    supermarkets or preferably fresh from your local produce retailers

    ½lb 05.5kg crushed almonds

    1/10lb powdered cinnamon
    (approximately 4 refill sachets or 2 glass
    spice dispensers

    3 large jars of good quality runny honey

    extra virgin olive oil
    (or purer - standard egg cupful)

    optional ingredients:

    dried, sliced banana pieces (if you can buy them from your local scoop
    market. the one here in derry closed a few years back and that really annoyed

    ½lb blueberries

    ½lb cherries

    ¼lb desiccated coconut

    ⅛lb vanilla

    (heaped tablespoon - powdered)


    large mixing bowl / electric blender (extra large preferably; as this can get
    quite messy. good fun though, so it's an easy and great recipe to hand onto future

    large clean oven tray

    lugh's muesli - method

    to make lugh's muesli bring your oven up to its highest heat setting and allow to thoroughly heat itself for 10 minutes. as your oven warms pour ½ your olive oil into the oven tray and rub into entire inner lining. pour porridge oats into centre of oven tray and then begin to knead and rub the porridge oats together. they should start to stick to your hands and together. continue to do this until all of the porridge oats have the consistency of gently moist but fairly well binded clusters. you will have to stop occasionally to scrape the sticky porridge oat clusters off of your fingers. form these into similar sized clusters in your oven tray. use the rest of your olive oil to cover your hands. do this over the porridge oats in oven tray to avoid making a mess. knead porridge oats some more.

    bring your oven down to ¼ of the heat it is currently at. place your oven tray of sticky porridge oats on the top shelf for 10-15 minutes. you are looking to get a golden, toasted colouration to your porridge oats. switch off oven but do not remove oven tray yet.

    wash your hands. use warm water for this. dry thoroughly.

    as your oven cools, blend your brazil nuts, hazelnuts, mixed fruit, powdered cinnamon (+ powdered vanilla if desired), almonds, desiccated coconut + any optional ingredients you have selected in your large mixing bowl. ideally everything in this mixture will have a deep bronze dusting of cinnamon. pour all of your honey over this mixture, knead and mix with your fingers. do this for as long as you like. remove oven tray from oven. have a cup of coffee/tea and a joint if you wish. allow all those lovely aromas and scents to seep into your psyche.

    good, isn't it? turn on some pink floyd or whatever chills you out. let those smells rise up through your home......


    there you are.

    sorry, i drifted away and felt wonderful there.


    where was i?

    ah yes;-

    pour your fairly cool toasted porridge oats into your mixing bowl. begin to gently knead and mix everything through everything else so that it all gets bound with the honey. do this for at least 3 minutes or until whatever album you have on has finished. this is your breakfast, so chill and get to know it. say thanks to the ingredients if that puts a smile on your face.

    cover bowl with a clean tea towel. leave it to set at room temperature for a ½ hour.

    when you remove the tea towel from the top of your mixing bowl you will feel and see that your mixture can be gently tugged into small, bitesized clusters. do so. at this point in the process you can sprinkle more spices like powdered cinnamon, desiccated coconut or powdered vanilla over your clusters.

    cover your mixing bowl with a damp tea towel and place in your fridge for 2 hours.

    lugh's muesli is now ready to consume. you may be thinking that there is a lot of it there but, this bit is really clever. blackbirds, finches, robin red breasts, sparrows and thrush all love this muesli. if you have oil fire central heating tanks in your gardens, place maybe ⅓ of lugh's muesli on top or up at a place in your gardens where cats can not get to them. make another drink and a joint if you use it. pour some of lugh's muesli into a breakfast bowl. add skinned or semi-skimmed cold or warm milk to taste and eat on your back door step / at your patio tables as you listen to and watch the birds come and go to feed. what you have left should be adequate breakfast for 4 adults / 2 adults + 4 kids for 3 days or 2 days if feeding birds as well. lugh's muesli is a wonderful way to start your day.

    all utensils can be washed in warm water without detergents.

    lugh's muesli ;) ...

    HaPpYdAzE 8) ...