love is

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love is

Postby Richard Hedley Atkinson » Thu Oct 30, 2008 1:02 am

love is

love is the secret power of the cat

love is having two burgers in a row when hungry
but not from McDonalds.

love is never having to say your sordid
love is never having to say goodbye
love is a smell u cant get out of your ears
love is diving into the others eyes for fire-soul fire
love is the truth when it hurts
love is knowing you r on a funny farm too and laughing about it
love is never having to say halo baby I luv u

love is being in a car with no steering wheel or power
and a long road ahead.

love is picking out dead flowers in the bin
love is two messed up biro lines almost meeting
love is giving your sandwich to someone hungry when u r too
love is like buying all the sweets in the shop and sharing them out
love is being wealthy inside without any money
love is writing the poem, story , book you know u had in u all along
love is knowing who did it before they even did it
love is like a book u never want to end
love is a smile u can not put into words
love is a glance u wish u could bottle up forever
love is a laughter u wished u had recorded
love is a pain u wished would never stop or heal up
love is like a light bulb u can not turn off inside
love is hearing someone talk stuff u always wanted to hear
love is the realization death can have meaning
love is like finding a comic you are in
love is like a film u have had in your brain all along
love is the realization life can have meaning

love is like the punk gig u wished u had gone too
to fall over
and be picked up by others

love is the fire u forgot u had in the first place

love is feeling like u have the shoes
on the right feet and they look good as well
but the laces are broken.

love is realising everyone is alone
love is realising grief hurts everyone
love is the style u wished u had all along

love is like a drunk Bukowski reading poetry meeting
in the seventies
u wished u had been at
to hear the real soul laughter, soul anger , soul pain.

the beauty is,
and this is god being very clever

you can

feel sorrow for anothers death
your own.

no matter

love is never having to be false ever ever again
let the spirit wane for the art to appear

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