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lesson 1

Posted: Sun Jan 11, 2009 1:59 pm
by Richard Hedley Atkinson
lesson 1

what do I remember most ?
most /all are/ is bull.

most things do not work out.
fools are in charge a lot.
nothing ever works out.

the only things that ever works out
are what

least expect
to work out
in the

u can fall into someones eyes / soul
so as nothing else matters.

(apart from the next lecky bill
and how to buy something


and brackets

and I do so hope
I am.

of course !
I know I ain’t bull
I lost my mind plenty.

been abused / mugged a lot
(thugs in pants).

studied / made art
worked out

it’s implications.

Re: lesson 1

Posted: Mon Jan 12, 2009 2:53 am
by Louis P. Burns aka Lugh
beautifully delivered ack 8)

one query / spellcheck for you richard. near the start of the piece you have:

Richard Hedley Atkinson wrote:
the only things that ever works out
are what

would you like this edited to say 'work' instead of 'works'? of course, you could've written this in drawling bukowskiness. in which case, email me over a slap in the teeth for mae cheek :P ...

oh yeah, there is an opportunity for you to become involved in a music video, as a stills photographer. catherine told me you were a keen photographer richard. i will be putting the video together with a few colleagues over the next few months. there is as yet no specified closing date. the job will be complete when it is. as you probably know, i'm on the dole and can't afford to pay anyone for participation, but i will acknowledge all people involved in the end credits of the film. they can also host on their websites as long as they link back to here and the relevant webpages, respecting all copyrights in place.

the project:
we need as many photograghs as possibly of inner city graffiti and murals opposing the current massacre in gaza. to graphic artists reading this post, your pictures on this theme would also be gratefully received.

you can read the official announcement if you click here ...

brilliant to read more of your work richard (ack). thanks for sharing :) ...