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Non Starter by 3rd Rock Revolution ©

Posted: Fri Jul 11, 2008 6:03 pm
by Andrew West
Non Starter Lyrics by Andy West. Music by 3rd Rock Revolution © 2007. All rights reserved and respected.
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Another non starter, another walking disaster.
Bombs in your head and your heart's beating faster than a
speed metal drummer in pain, on a plane, then a train, off his rocker, round the world and then back again.
The world is a stage full of intricate details,
the many different shades of all the males and the females.
You can add to the equasion, you can take some away, live for your tomorrows, you can live for today.

Gimme a call when it's over, put me on hold 'til whenever I'm sane.

Passive, aggressive, dissmissive, possessive, insane, derranged, complex or plain,
in the end's all the same. Human nature can't be changed,
no more than you can rearrange the stars beyond the sky tonight,
it's right there in front of you in black and white.
You can choose to be a saint or just considerate, a nasty bit o' work or a fuckin' idiot.

Gimme a call when it's over, put me on hold 'til whenever I'm sane.

Lick it 'n' stick it, earn it or nick it, whatever you do to survive in your life don't trick it.
Stand up be counted, roll up the mountain, no time to be doubting so ya might as well risk it.