Rising From The Grave by Mehrez Aounallah © 2010.

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Rising From The Grave by Mehrez Aounallah © 2010.

Postby Mehrez Aounallah » Tue Jan 26, 2010 4:03 pm

Rising from the Grave
by Mehrez Aounallah © 2010. All rights reserved.

Rising from the grave,
From the timeless,
From the land where no brave is brave,
A ghost-like figure,
Yet full of determination and vigor
I shall stand my ground
And I shan’t behave...

You may wonder how I could rise
How I could stand in full size.
And you, powerless, with astonished eyes,
Confused, breathless, in front of me,
Standing trial for each and every atrocity...

I shall bombard you with many a question,
Cluster bomb-like and devastating,
I endured unspeakable destruction,
Unending, unbearable and annihilating.

Why did you hurt me?
Why did you rape my sister?
Why did you assault my mother?
Why did you kill my father?
Why did you murder my brother?
Why did you destroy me?

You demolished my home,
You destroyed my school,
My minaret and my dome
You burnt down our crops,
You polluted our land,
And even looted our shops.
Tell me why! Tell me why!
Vampire, blood-sucker,
You left us no drops.

You do have a child, don’t you?
You’re silencing the child that is still in you!
You murdered your child murdering me
You stifled his innermost hopes,
You drowned his dreams,
And cut off his ropes
As you did to me.

A child is just a child
And your child is just like me.
Back home, waiting for you,
Shall know he was fathered by a criminal,
A murderer, a sadist and a vandal,
Someone who would say “I love you”,
But never meant it to be true.

I shall keep questioning you,
Troubling you, hurting you...
And my questions, like bullets,
Will forever pierce your memory
And follow you...
For I, down your neck, will hang like a cross,
Like the Ancient Mariner’s albatross...
Wherever you go, wherever you are,
In the comfort of your home,
Or drinking at the local bar
I shall be there in wait for you.

They have hailed you as hero,
With courage, valor and bravery.
You are no more than a blank zero,
With wickedness, cowardice and treachery!
You have been used,
You have been abused:
Brain-trashed, brain-washed,
To sow the seeds of drudgery,

Go tell your colonels, your generals,
Your sergeants, commanders and all,
My resilient spirit will never die,
And that I shall always lie
In ambush for them and for you,
That you may one day be true,
Repent, shed a genuine tear and cry
At the harm I never inflicted on you!

I shall survive, I shall live and rise
With every dawn, with every sunrise.
And like your shadow,
I shall hammer your conscience,
I shall give you no rest,
I shall haunt you and make you my nest.
I shall pound your mind, like a dripping faucet,
Drop after drop, I shall do my best...
Torturing you, beyond the confines of insanity.
Beyond the frontiers of immortality.

Speak out! Make yourself heard!
Dumb as silence, your vision is blurred.
You have no argument!
Then, that's it! That’s my verdict!

Mehrez Aounallah,
January 23, 2010

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