Rebirth By Mehrez Aounallah ©. All rights reserved...

Mehrez Aounallah is a good friend of Lugh's and a teacher living and working out in Tunisia. Both Mehrez and Lugh will initially be working to translate some of Lugh's poetry into Arabic. This forum is a place where Mehrez can share multi-linguistic translation skills, poetry, thoughts and writing with the other members of Sensitize ©. This forum is moderated by Louis P. Burns aka Lugh for Mehrez Aounallah.

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Rebirth By Mehrez Aounallah ©. All rights reserved...

Postby Mehrez Aounallah » Thu Aug 19, 2010 12:10 am

By Mehrez Aounallah © All rights reserved. Originally written in Arabic in September 1991.
Rewritten in English on August 18, 2010.

first rain
drop after drop

torrents and singing birds
emptying your heaviness into the burning earth
panting with pleasure
letting out long-stifled breaths

creatures rejoicing
life pushing through the cracks of sun-burnt rocks
and smiles
curling on waking faces
raising hopes for a coming tomorrow
and clinging
to a deep-rooted desire
to live...
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