Mehrez Aounallah is a good friend of Lugh's and a teacher living and working out in Tunisia. Both Mehrez and Lugh will initially be working to translate some of Lugh's poetry into Arabic. This forum is a place where Mehrez can share multi-linguistic translation skills, poetry, thoughts and writing with the other members of Sensitize ©. This forum is moderated by Louis P. Burns aka Lugh for Mehrez Aounallah.

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Postby Mehrez Aounallah » Wed Dec 29, 2010 6:35 pm

جلست وحيدا
و بيني و بين العالم خيط أفكار

أرق أصاب عينيي المتعبتين
حتى انبلج الصبح من بين أضلعي

كلاما يركض
على شفاه المحرومين

حروفا مولولة رصاصا
تحفر أخاديد على سطح ذاكرتي

و أصواتا هاتفة...



محرز عون الله.2008
جميع الحقوق محفوظة

By Mehrez Aounallah ©. All rights reserved.
Arabic to English translation by Mehrez Aounallah.
Editor: Louis P. Burns aka Lugh.

I sat alone
And between the world and me
A thread of ideas

Sleeplessness hit my overtired eyes
Until morning broke out of my chest bones

Words like horses
Galloping on the lips of the deprived

Letters like bullets
Digging chasms on the surface of my memory

And voices calling

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