The Rape of a Revolution

Mehrez Aounallah is a good friend of Lugh's and a teacher living and working out in Tunisia. Both Mehrez and Lugh will initially be working to translate some of Lugh's poetry into Arabic. This forum is a place where Mehrez can share multi-linguistic translation skills, poetry, thoughts and writing with the other members of Sensitize ©. This forum is moderated by Louis P. Burns aka Lugh for Mehrez Aounallah.

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The Rape of a Revolution

Postby Mehrez Aounallah » Sat Sep 15, 2012 5:45 pm

The Rape of a Revolution

A dry, cold winter day…
Gusting winds...
Dust and desolation…
Dejection and rejection...
Segregation and desperation …
Lifeless life…

A revolution ignited…
Spreading like a rampant fire…
Toppling the tyrants…
To avenge the long years of oppression.
How we heaved that sigh of relief!
How we celebrated!
How we jubilated!
Free at last!
Free at last!

From a dark mysterious cave,
Where only primitive men did once dwell,
Burst herds of somber monsters,
Packs of wolves and hyenas,
Flocks of ravens and vultures,
Gluttonous and wild,
Brandishing fangs and claws,
Vowing with spite and rage
To slay our dreams,
Massacre our life
And rape the revolution...

September 15, 2012

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