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Sensitize © - Volume One advertisement by Norris Nuvo ...

Posted: Tue Jun 17, 2014 11:33 pm
by Louis P. Burns aka Lugh

Sensitize © - Volume One advertisement by Norris Nuvo.

This is Volume One of the Sensitize © Illustrated Poetry series from in association with other Artists who are members of our Sensitize © online community and its Facebook annex groups and pages. In this first volume all poems (and one muse) are by (myself); Louis P. Burns aka Lugh. All illustrations are by Norris Nuvo. © copyright and all derivative rights are ongoing. All rights of the individual artists reserved and respected.

There are poems about; Gay and Straight Love, Sex and Sexuality, War, Death, Astral Travel, Spirit Walking, Empowerment, New Dawn, New Day, Overcoming Fear, Terror, Prison and Remand, Torture, Propaganda, Redemption, Anarchy (as a way of life), Solidarity + much, much more. All of these poems (and the muse) have been wonderfully illustrated by Welsh Filmmaker, Graphic Artist and Illustrator; Norris Nuvo.

Norris became involved with me back in 2013 via Facebook. It was always my intention to have my poetry either animated or filmed with HD equipment / lighting, human cast, props / settings. When they then get developed and produced they will either be 'stand alone' short films or longer mixes of various of these films plus any additional edited content that gets produced to link them (sketches etc).

All work between Norris and myself was conducted via telephone, text messaging, regular land postal services (Royal Mail), email, and Facebook.

Both Norris and myself have found the experience richly rewarding and wish to express a further massive thank you to everyone on Facebook who have continued to support our work over the years. Indeed extended and warm thanks to Facebook as well. This entire venture could (and should) be viewed as a glowing success for them too. Support came in the form of commentary on our collaborative productions when shared via this social network or through sponsorship-in-kind marketing from supporters on their own websites, various blogs, Facebook groups, pages / profiles, G+ and tweets.

You are all truly quite lovely people.

Cheers folks :)

Louis P. Burns aka Lugh (author) xx

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