new radio broadcast friday 13th june-2pm-4pm NE1 FM

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new radio broadcast friday 13th june-2pm-4pm NE1 FM

Postby Richard Hedley Atkinson » Wed Jun 11, 2008 9:43 pm

Hi all-just to let you know that I have been recorded reading my poems which I think ? (I have missed last three writing lessons-so am not certain will be played on radio but probably so) may be broadcast on NE1 FM -a local community radio station on Friday 13th June. Others will be reading as well-the poems I (think ?) will be reading (pre-recorded) are "thiers something funny" and/or "come on I'm skint" and / or "It's strange travelling" the show starts at 2pm to 4pm.The other people are part of a writing group I go to. Here is a link to the radio station

obviously it is avaliable on the internet as well and if you are not around then you may be able to get some software to record it whilst you are out ? Although I am not sure what is avaliable-but i am sure you can get something. Anyhow if you do catch it or record it let me know what you think if you can


rich / ack

(Richard Atkinson)

ps-if in america you are quite a while behind us-i think about 5 hours or more-but check ?
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