A work in progress.

Aine MacAodha is a published author and dear friend of Louis P. Burns aka Lugh's. They both worked on many creative writing workshops facilitated by Joe Duggan and David Gothard up at the Playhouse Theatre and Resource Centre in Derry. In this forum Aine may choose to share samples and outtakes from her work with you and if so, the opportunity to ask her questions about her work may come about. This forum moderated for Aine MacAodha by Louis P. Burns aka Lugh.

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A work in progress.

Postby Aine MacAodha » Sun Jul 19, 2009 5:24 pm

The Stealer of Time

A song drifted from the neighbors yard
volume high…
I was back again at the disco.

A lonely mirror ball floated above
a lit up crossword styled floor, every now
and then flashing on the beige walls.

An out-of-town Dj clad in denim
wearing cowboy boots and moustache;
flipped his LP’s. In a radio voice.

“The first slow number of the night
for all you lovers out there, Dire Straits
Romeo and Juliet-tah”

Memory is the lover that remains in the minds
eye long after the dance is over. Tip-toeing
over the years until you hear the song again.

Memory is the stealer of time, the giver of rainbows
and the fast forwarding of soul.
It’s what we yearn for when our days are numbered.

Hi Lugh, this is one I am working on, was thinking about omagh when I was in my late teens and the weekend disco come/pool hall was the place to be? to see the changes here now it's like a small city has grown up around me and it's hughly funny thinking back on the one solitary mirror ball dangling from the ceiling; awe well thats the sunday rant!

Hugs Mo Chara!
Aine MacAodha


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