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Postby Planet Hubris » Mon Oct 05, 2009 6:35 pm

In light of my recent brush with 'the law', I'm now looking to publicise my experience as widely as possible as I feel strongly that it is in the public interest for stories like this to be heard. Below is a Press Release that I've sent out to various mainstream media outlets. If any of you have any tips, ideas or contacts and would like to help me get this out there I'd be very grateful for any help you can give. All the best and thanks for all your support :) x x x


Exonerated Music Producer Blasts UK Transport Police Misconduct As “Indicative of Creeping Fascism”

On Friday 2nd October, Sussex based music producer Jamie 'Stan' Stanley finally had his conviction for a Section 5 Public Order offence overturned on appeal at Woolwich Crown Court after a 14 month ordeal. The conviction was in relation to an incident that occurred at Lewisham station, SE London, in July 2008. During the incident Mr. Stanley claims that despite having a valid ticket for his journey he was inexplicably singled out, harassed, abused and detained against his will for 30 minutes by a group of overzealous British Transport Police officers and Connex South Eastern Revenue Enforcement Officers.

"I was first aggressively accosted by an undercover ticket inspector at Lewisham station whilst talking on the phone,” he said. “All I did in response was question his disrespectful & authoritarian behaviour. The next thing I know I’m surrounded by BTP officers, handcuffed and bundled into a private room. I’m then pushed around and verbally abused for around half an hour. The charge against me was trumped up right in front of me in response to me declaring my intention to hold these officers to account. A year later I was convicted after a blatant mistrial at Bexley magistrate’s court during which the bulk of my defence was ruled inadmissible in advance and not even heard. Now, finally, I have cleared my name."

"It's a scandal,” he added. “It may seem trivial to some but it really isn’t. It goes to the heart of all that is wrong with our society. The officers in question were not serving and protecting the public on the day of the incident. They were effectively terrorising people in the name of protecting Connex South Eastern’s profit margins. As for the initial trial, clearly the role of a magistrate’s court is to generate income from supposed criminal activity first and administer justice second, if at all. It’s an absolute disgrace. All of this I consider to be indicative of a form of creeping fascism that people ought to be aware of. We need to stand up to this nonsense before it’s too late."

Mr. Stanley has lodged formal complaints against those responsible for his ordeal and is now considering mounting a criminal prosecution as well.
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