Upstate Renegade Productions and the Sensitize © community of Arts forums are always on the look out for new and established bands, DJ's and solo musicians. We will provide pages in this section of the community where YouTube video clips can be displayed alongside larger amounts of information about these acts. From time to time we will also feature interviews with our guests here and these will be placed up on to the main Upstate Renegade Productions pages with links back to the original here and the official blogs, facebook, MySpace and YouTube channels, pages and websites of these acts providing they display our URL on theirs. This is in the spirit of collaborative arts and in a bid to overthrow the greed of mainstream industry websites. This section of Sensitize © is maintained by Louis P. Burns aka Lugh (the site's owner) with assistance and input from other members of the community or their alter-ego characters for the benefit of keeping the entire experience fun-filled and lighthearted.

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