in the morning horny yes

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in the morning horny yes

Postby wilwynn » Thu Aug 04, 2011 10:11 pm

i love the feel
of panties
hot flesh
on my eager hand
of more to come
as slowly lust develops
its insight
and gains relief

for a few minutes

of that awful loneliness
bequeathed to us by life
and soon
we are one
preciously together yes
in that pounding
together loneliness
whose thirst is quenched
at last
for a few moments
that world left behind
in one short spasm of joy
returns again slowly
to gain headway
while we
fall back
into our routines
of yesterday
yesteryear today

forever lasts
into a past mostly forgotten
extends its future tense
into a feared darkness

i can only hope

one long


Wil Wynn
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