Book of Life

Mehrez Aounallah is a good friend of Lugh's and a teacher living and working out in Tunisia. Both Mehrez and Lugh will initially be working to translate some of Lugh's poetry into Arabic. This forum is a place where Mehrez can share multi-linguistic translation skills, poetry, thoughts and writing with the other members of Sensitize ©. This forum is moderated by Louis P. Burns aka Lugh for Mehrez Aounallah.

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Book of Life

Postby Mehrez Aounallah » Fri Jan 25, 2013 11:22 pm

Book of Life

Life is like a book, so they say...
A book.. that writes itself by itself!
A book.. never to see on a library shelf...
A book of simple, yet complex stories...
Singular stories…
Intertwined like vines,
Entangled like uncombed hair,
Incrusted, like fossils, in rocks and clay...
No gales or storm make them sway,
No earthquake, no doomsday,
They cross borders,
Climb mountains,
Sail rivers…
Brave oceans,
And ride the air...

But alas!
Though innumerable like a swarm of bees,
Most fall into oblivion…
And go with the wind,
Dissipating like a summer cloud…

The few which are remembered
Keep the torch alight,
Unshaken by the work of time,
Standing out like quotes
To illustrate the book of life.

Jan 1, 2013

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