Sensitize © community of forums user guidelines/site rules.

This link will take you to our guidelines for participation on Sensitize ©. Please read these carefully before interacting or posting to Sensitize ©.

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Sensitize © community of forums user guidelines/site rules.

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Welcome to: SENSITIZE ©

To apply to join Sensitize © as an Activist, Artist, Journalist, Photographer, Musician or Writer it is best to contact the owner; Louis P. Burns aka Lugh on Facebook by adding him to your friends list with the message; I wish to join Sensitize © and a brief description and/or link to your work.

Please note that we are an 18+ Adult Content community. It is a site requirement that all new members post an introductory message defining their preferred artform or medium, effective 9th February, 2007 before making any other post. By posting to this community and our various forums you are stating you are 18 years old or over.

Thank you...


It is a community and site requirement that members use their real names or author's names since one of the services we provide is promotion of our member's completed productions/publications/works.

Failure to interact with the SENSITIZE © community of forums within 4 days of joining will be viewed in a bad light. This does not apply to Guest and Invited Members working either permanently or temporarily on projects with SENSITIZE © and Upstate Renegade Productions.

Failure to interact with the SENSITIZE © community of forums within 7 days of joining will lead to account deletion / withdrawal of membership. You will have to re-apply. This is not negotiable. This does not apply to Guest or Invited Members working either permanently or temporarily on projects with SENSITIZE © and Upstate Renegade Productions or our advertising sponsors.

Once you have joined and interacted with SENSITIZE © you are free to visit and interact at any time you wish.

SENSITIZE © is a community arts based online environment and part of the new media arts production network. By joining and participating with SENSITIZE © you accept that your graphic or written work may become part of our various community arts campaigns or new media arts events / initiatives / productions such as our arts e-magazine. This is not negotiable.


Your copyright as the original artist will always be acknowledged and respected. We will promote your material in return for your submitted work. You will be notified of any inclusion of your work in ongoing projects undertaken by Louis P. Burns aka Lugh for SENSITIZE © & Upstate Renegade Productions. As part of this understanding we cannot remove your work. This is not negotiable.

If you upload to SENSITIZE © it is because you have read and accepted these terms and conditions and are willing to work with us on our various campaigns, community arts or new media arts events / initiatives / productions / projects. This is not negotiable.


SENSITIZE © is the operational forum and community messageboard for an online community workshop for 18+ Adult Content arts, comedy, community activism, drama, filmmakers, journalists, e-poets, media / music producers, musicians, photographers and writers. We aim to bring these types of people together to create online activism, art, comedy, drama, entertainment, film and e-poet/music videos, journalism and new media writing - all genres.

Constructive feedback, guidance or help from our registered members is always welcome. In return, and in keeping with the tradition of collaborative / community arts, if any member of SENSITIZE © wishes to display work or notify the public of campaigns or events they are working on, we will gladly assist them with promotion. This must be co-ordinated through the site Administrator; Louis P. Burns aka Lugh.

We will happily add your forum or website address to our list of Activists & Sponsors / Friends of SENSITIZE © and acknowledge your assistance (where applicable) as 'Sponsorship in Kind'. We will ask you in advance before doing this and will respect any wish you may have to decline the offer.

Please note: that it is always advisable for members to keep a back-up of their work and, where applicable, register it as '©' copyrighted in the usual manner or electronically.

The whole ethos of SENSITIZE © is that we become more creative simply by expressing ourselves honestly, having fun, and interacting, while passing on skills and tips to each other through chatting or 'jamming'. We may also rub each other up the wrong way at times – we may ignore, insult or use 'bad language' – but this is understood to be an accepted occupational hazard of creativity and is viewed as healthy in the long-run.

Please note: While SENSITIZE © is frequently fuelled by the eco-friendly, harmonic, highly efficient and intoxicating fumes of zany comedy (it's a gas), we do have a committed and
serious side to our work.


SENSITIZE © and are not liable in any way for damages that may arise through downloading, interacting, or using content in the media or our online pages. This is not negotiable.

The user/users acknowledge that they assume all risk and/or responsibility when downloading, interacting or participating with SENSITIZE © and our members / participants and the creators of and SENSITIZE ©. This is not negotiable.

The creators of and SENSITIZE © will not be held accountable for any unsolicited advertising banners. We will however display all of our sponsor's advertising banners at agreed points within our domain. Further to this, the creators of and SENSITIZE © will not be held accountable for any obscene or pornographic posts, racism, religious / spiritualist fanaticism or spam of any kind. This is not negotiable.

The creators and staff of and SENSITIZE © will not be held accountable for any online gambling website banners (unless specified as sponsors). This is not negotiable.

Although every effort will be made to prevent any of the above mentioned offending posts, errors can occur. We are only human after all. We would be grateful to members if they were vigilant and notified us of any offending posts. If these posts are not clearly recognised in the above way as registered advertisers or sponsors of and/or SENSITIZE ©, then the administrators and management will remove them and will not be held accountable for any loss incurred. This is not negotiable.


The user/users will indemnify and hold blameless the creators of and SENSITIZE © from and against any claims, costs, damages, distress, expenses (including solicitor's fees), liabilities, losses, arising from the user/user's application of/or participation with the creators, members/participants of and SENSITIZE ©. This is not negotiable.

The administration and management of and SENSITIZE © may remove a member if they are seen to disrupt the creative and operational flow of the SENSITIZE © forum, or if they harass other members.

The private messaging facility on SENSITIZE © is no longer active for most members and is assigned only to a few selected members / people that Upstate Renegade Productions believe have worked with genuine dedication to our continued services. We apologise for any inconvenience this may have caused anyone but it reduces the abilities of spammers or anyone seeking to destroy all of our continued good work and potential. This decision was not made lightly but came about because a certain member was harrassing other members by private messaging them while not posting to the forums that are visible to all members. We felt their actions were decidely unfair and frankly hostile.

If you wish to cancel your membership with SENSITIZE © please fill out our ongoing member status poll / survey - I Wish To Leave Sensitize © section.

We hope you join, stay and enjoy being creative with us.

We may at any time add to or update these guidelines without notification. It is advised that you regularly refresh yourselves and become familiar with these guidelines.

Click the Register hyperlink towards the top righthand corner of this page to join Sensitize ©. By clicking this hyperlink you are confirming you are 18 years old or over and have read and accepted the guidelines above. This is not negotiable.

Thank you for your membership, sponsorship-in-kind, submissions to our e-magazine and/or all other support.

Click here to get back to our welcome pages.

Best wishes.
Louis P. Burns aka Lugh
Administrator, editor & owner of the Sensitize © online community of forums and domain for artists, e-poets, filmmakers, media/music producers and writers working through here. To buy the Kindle book of Illustrated Poetry, Sensitize © - Volume One / Poems that could be Films if they were Funded by myself with illustrations by Welsh filmmaker and graphic artist; Norris Nuvo click here for N. Ireland and UK sales. If purchasing in the U.S.A. or internationally then please click here.


My writing is not covered by Creative Commons policy and may not be republished without permission. All rights reserved. All Sensitize © Arts sponsorship donations and postal inquiries to:

Louis P. Burns
42 Farland Way
N. Ireland.
BT48 0RS
Telephone (UK): 028 71219225

Click here to Join Sensitize © Arts via Facebook or to contact the site owner: Louis P. Burns aka Lugh with any forum hosting or site related inquiries.
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