artists and a call to forward thinking mofo's everywhere....

"I believe NOW is the time to consolidate as artists and activists to make a better world possible. I am a pro peace, activist pacifist. I write/produce make music and art to further that cause. If I look successful, it is solely because I am doing what I love. I am willingly "flying by the seat of my pants" and pushing onward and upward."

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artists and a call to forward thinking mofo's everywhere....

Postby tunnelmental » Mon Feb 27, 2017 6:29 pm

There are many ways forward and looking around the various places in this world that are trying to go forward, I see that. The only "real" way forward I see is to accept a certain responsibility to making change and by helping create a better world. I see some countries are even trying to test the principle of "universal basic income" and I salute that effort. The real problem I see is "the test" part of that, for an isolated test will only give one an isolated result. After all, it is a test that has the word "universal" in it and that should be what it does, test it universally. Slow progress is still progress, I suppose! The next sentence has struck me as sometimes funny and sometimes very sad; "there is nothing permanent in this world, yet people cling to the old ideas and are very reluctant to change." It is this that makes me sad, the current "ruling elite" are using this reluctance (and a sight lot more) in order to keep their "status quo" running smoothly, thus allowing the old ways to continue the flow of wealth (not just money) in their direction. I often wonder what killed off the dinosaurs all those years ago? Did the larger predators get so greedy that their world became endemic? Here's a good one, the only "constant" in life is "change."
Have we as a society lost all faith in our humanity? Not me, not yet, I believe we are able to positively advance mankind by being kind, caring and compassionate. Around the world there is much talk and some action; sadly the timing is (in my humble opinion) a little too late for the "old template" brigade preaching bloody revolutions. I believe that the current rulers of this world are not only well aware of those "hotheads in hotspots" they are pouring petrol on that fire and in some cases supplying the matches.
So what do we as artists do? We really must do something, we have that fire inside that burns, that need to create, that desire to show the world our inner most being. Is that enough? Yes, in most cases, though not in all and I am one artist who is willing to show more of me than before. Are you ready? who cares, you are going to get it anyway.
It is clear to me that we have been conditioned by fear, you may or may not agree but I believe that is true.
I think we should face our fears, especially those that society has fed us. I acknowledge danger is real but most fear is manufactured. There are no real failures and the biggest lie, in that list of fears that has been fostered upon us is the "fear of failure." That feeling in your gut that you are not worthy, that "little you", who was deceived into believing you did not matter. I was told to "not get ideas above my station" by a careers teacher at school, be a good little worker like your Dad, accept your lowly birthright. What a load of bollocks.
The opposite of fear of failure, depended upon my measurement of success. So, how do I measure success, you may ask. I will try and answer, though it may challenge many peoples idea of success....
I think being able to rely on each other in times of need, is a success.
I think having food, shelter, healthcare and education is a success.
I think standing up and being able to say whats on your mind is success.
I think compassion and empathy for those that suffer is success.
I see this forum for artists who challenge "the status quo" is success.
Well now that I am successful, I will buy a villa on a nice island and retire....Oh, wait a minute....Some people don't have food, shelter, healthcare and education. Bugger, now I have to make more music and art that helps raise awareness, I have to start shouting and screaming that "we all should have the basic requirements of food, shelter, healthcare and education."
This time I mean it man, everyone, yes even "them".... and stop with the bullshit, we can afford it easily, it just takes a little shift towards kindness, caring and compassion.
Okay, I will sell the imaginary villa and live basically, I will make music and art but I do have some demands....go to the start of this post for instructions.
Round and round and round we go, where we stop, no-one knows.....
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