Smoke Over Buenos Aries...

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Smoke Over Buenos Aries...

Post by Louis P. Burns aka Lugh »

Hi Salvador :)

Just checking to see how you are buddy. I saw on the news that Buenos Aries is having major problems with smoke inhalation from deliberately started forest fire fumes. I hope you're not caught up in this or feeling the effects...

Peace always dude ;) ...
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Deliberately started dry-grass fires

Post by Salvador Oria »

Thank you buddy for your interest, I am well and have had no problems; after all the smoke wasn't as terrible as the government news agencies managed to report in all news' TV programmes and on the wireless.

Now, if you don't mind, I'll give you below a full report on what is doing the current government in my beautiful country, which is now in the hands of corrupted, hardcore lefwing politicians, many of whom are surviving members of the terrorist bands that immersed our society in fear and eventually led to the no less sordid military reprisals of the 70's.

Again, our leftwing government invented something to attack farmers and create a rift between them and the rest of the population.

This began because the government have so heavily burdened soyseed and sunflower seed with taxes while stopping all wheat and meat exports, that there was a farmers' revolt that lasted for three full weeks when they picketeered all roads to Buenos Aires a month ago, preventing distribution of fresh fruit & vegetables, meat and milk, which only came to an end once the government said they would revise these taxes together with the producers.

To add more pressure, the government sent up some of their thugs on the 8th April to put fire to dry pastures (not forests) on the islands of the rivers Parana and Plate's deltas, whose smoke was driven by westward winds on to Buenos Aires; this was used to accuse farmers, on all the media, of creating an irresponsible danger to the citizen's health, while reminding the population that they are the same rich people that were liable for the past month's picketings. To make it look more real, the local police "captured" two or three people accused of being the criminals that set up the fires which resulted in several multiple crashes that took the lives of a number of people who were driving on a few of the roads whose visibility had been seriously compromised by the thick smoke.

Two of these thugs have been however identified: one as a man that sailed from island to island in 2007 to raise funds for the "Frente para la Victoria" (the name of the political party that brought Kirchner first and then his wife as presidents) on the pre-elections campaign, escorted by a known Subprefect of the San Pedro islands area, named Vicente Guglielmi, who landed on one of these islands to get the owner's permission for fishing, and an hour later they left leaving behind these fires and a couple of 5-gallon plastic carafes with petrol remnants in them and some burning motorcar tires. They're so full of themselves that they didn't even care to take back to their boat this clear evidence of their foul play.

Somehow, this Subprefect Guglielmi that had been appointed to the San Pedro area (in the province of Buenos Aires) on the 11th February, was moved to a new post in the province of Misiones, located at about 500 miles northwest of San Pedro on the 11th April i.e. 3 days after the above-mentioned adventure. How convenient, isn't it?

The farmers who own those islands do light fires normally, but not in this season which would burn down valuable pastures grown in late summer and necessary for cattle in winter. They do it AFTER winter colds are over to allow new grass (mainly native rye grass) to grow for cattle to graze in spring, summer and autumn.

Serious conversations between farmers and the government are however in a kind of stalemate, due to government permanent delays and interruptions, and refusal to treat the issues which were the prime motive for these meetings, and action by farmers will most probably be resumed on the 2nd May if these conditions persist. To counteract this possibility the government has today sent an order to the police to capture all leaders and charge them with riot, possession of undeclared weapons (reminds me of the motives to invade Iraq) and unlawful interruption of traffic in roads.

One of their most prominent thugs, Luis D'Elia, burned to the ground a police station and a few police vehicles three years ago. The judicial claim against him not only has been boxed out, but he gets more than 100.000 USdollars per month from the government under various pretences, including help to destitutes and other incredible reasons.

All these events make me remember the months prior to Adolf Hitler's nomination as Foreign Minister, and the events that followed, only that the Jews have not been named yet. But they will...

Just you wite Enry Iggins, just you wite.

PS: btw, farming alone has been contributing with about 60% of all Argentine exports for the past 40 or 50 years... (this government is the first in our history that intends to roast the goose of the golden eggs).
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