Digitally Organic

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Digitally Organic

Postby Catherine Edmunds » Sat Jul 05, 2008 12:09 pm


Two of Catherine's poems, "The Jackdaw" and "dusk" appear in the poetry anthology "Digitally Organic", ISBN 978-0-9553429-6-7, published by Earlyworks Press.


trees of rusty timber take leave
while wooden sheep wander this eve
by willows, some sleep
counting forests deep
waters weep
whispers weave

raven flies by on wings of night
wisps of mist rising caught in flight
sink now, drink with eyes
embrowned in disguise
as fear dies
in faint light

running together, follow me
past reeds rustling, red chestnut tree
follow past knowing
fleet river flowing
dusk on thee

"Digitally Organic" is available directly from Earlyworks Press.

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