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Postby Lauren Arthington » Thu Sep 25, 2008 4:41 pm

someone to wash over me

your love is like the mixer taps,
that sit upon my bath.
I lovingly try to turn them,
to get the desired temperature.
Too much to the left,
and it all gets cold -
like when you get scared.

Too much the other way,
and it get's too hot
that's when my hope rises,
that you are madly in love with me,
but just like my toe that dips in and burns,
you withdraw and become cold again.

You can't seem to find the happy medium,
where hot and cold unite,
to make sure the flow of love,
is not boiling or freezing,
but just about right

whilst you're away

i lie around in bed all day
to function well is not my intention
someone call the mental health
i need an intervention

Morrissey understands me

I'm sat here feeling empty
I've started listening to The Smiths
and all because every minute passing
it's you, you, you i miss


i don't need a man to complete me

i don't need a man to complete me

(but if you were mine, it would be divine)

i don't need a man to complete me
'if hierarchical organisation siezes control of nature, while itself undergoing transformation in the course of this struggle, the portion of liberty and creativity falling to the individual is drained away by the requirements of adaptation to the social norms' -
Raoul Vaneigem

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