Miscellaneous ezines and online publications

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Miscellaneous ezines and online publications

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Various odds and ends that I've had published online, some of which have subsequently appeared in print publications.

Four poems in various editions of "Madeleine".
"goblins" - a poem published by Sam Smith's "Select Six"
"baker street" - a short story in edition two of the "round table review"
Various topical haiku, including some prize winners, on the Guardian website.
"would you? even for a quarter of a million?" - poem published by Pemmican Press
Three poems - "the persistence of prunes", "violinists" and "piano" in "Unlikely 2.0"
Four haiku in "3 Lights Gallery".
Five poems in issues 4 and 5 of "La Fenêtre Magazine"
Three pieces of micro-fiction in "Pen Pricks".
"Sandra and Me" - short story published by Byker Books.

I'll add to this list as and when things occur.
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