Andrew West: How I repaid Louis P. Burns aka Lugh.

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Andrew West: How I repaid Louis P. Burns aka Lugh.

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Like my profile on here says; I'm a fascist, homophobe and racist. There was a time when I was a decent bloke but I went over the the dark side because my big brother Darren beat me shitless once too often for having friends from various ethnic groups. I tried explaining to Darren that our own family were Jewish but he was having none of it and punched me some more. Lovely bloke our Darren. There's nothing he likes more than snorting a load of marching powder up his rather large hooter, getting paranoid and then running out into the street at my Mum's house and racially abusing the young black kids walking past. He also used to love telling Irish jokes to Lugh but he was completely unaware of Lugh's militant political outlook which embraces the violent extermination of racist vermin like him, his Dad, his nephew Andrew 'Elv' Cohen and now me. Had I known at the time of my visit to Derry in January 2009 that Lugh thought like this, I wouldn't have made a complete racist and sectarian cunt of myself by shouting 'LONDONDERRY!' from the smokers area of the Bound For Boston Bar which overlooks the Bogside where other pieces of vermin in the Ist Parachute Regiment of the British army murdered 14 innocent people (mostly teenagers) and injured many more back in 1972 on a day now known internationally as Bloody Sunday.

As I said earlier, the links below are to screenshots (that Louis P. Burns aka Lugh took) of posts I made to the Upstate Renegade Productions' facebook fanpage. Those posts aren't on that facebook page anymore. That's because I'm a sneaky, spineless little prick and have deleted and blocked Louis P. Burns aka Lugh. When any of us block and delete, all our interactions and posts disappear, unless screenshots have been taken and stored on an off-facebook server like the official Upstate Renegade Productions domain where this community (Sensitize ©) is and where several hard working actual activists, established artists, musicians and published writers share their work. This could have been a golden opportunity for me to further my own career with Lugh's help but I've fucked that right up now. Check out how I repaid Louis P. Burns aka Lugh's kindness (promoting my band - 3rd Rock Revolution) and my other music projects:

http://www.upstaterenegadeproductions.c ... ynch01.bmp

http://www.upstaterenegadeproductions.c ... ynch02.bmp

http://www.upstaterenegadeproductions.c ... ynch03.bmp

http://www.upstaterenegadeproductions.c ... ynch04.bmp

http://www.upstaterenegadeproductions.c ... ynch05.bmp

http://www.upstaterenegadeproductions.c ... ynch06.bmp

http://www.upstaterenegadeproductions.c ... ynch07.bmp

http://www.upstaterenegadeproductions.c ... ynch08.bmp

http://www.upstaterenegadeproductions.c ... ynch09.bmp

I can't help myself. I'm scum.

P.S. In those links is the name Debi Lynch. Debi is my partner, but I'd say not for very much longer if she sees what is posted above. It doesn't bother me though since I only love myself. Ah well, omlettes etc. Fuck it.
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