Defining Censorship Campaign...

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Defining Censorship Campaign...

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Defining Censorship Campaign...
By Louis P. Burns aka Lugh © 2008. All rights reserved.

To read about this campaign or to participate in it. Either click the ^ coloured text title above or click the link directly below this text:


This entire situation developed as a result of my becoming the victim of censorship, denial of access to my own written work, fraud, intellectual copyright theft and outright criminality by a few individuals working / owning (questionable) writer's communities/forums online. Those individuals can be found lurking/working here: ... tpage.msnw ... d=56053196

2 people in particular continued to 'put the boot in', even after I warned them that I had contacted the Police and various charities who stood to lose either professional credibility or finances / sponsorship through association with any online communities/forums run or frequented by these people: <> <>

All the while this was going on, my colleague (and friend) - Diarmuid and I were producing a short information film for the internet called Healing Herbs. It was inspired by one of Mark Thomas'* campaigns to have the legislation surrounding disabled people's right to self-medicate with cannabis, as opposed to toxic chemicals, given out (sometimes experimentally) to people via the NHS with the full approval of the British government (who have a vested interest in making money from pharmaceutical companies).

As far as I was concerned, it stood to reason that if anyone could address censorship and all of the associated crimes / human rights violations that follow in the wake of censorship, then Mark Thomas could.

What you will read if you click on the coloured text title at the top of this post (or the link drectly below) is a demonstration of just how damaging and far reaching bullying, the denial of a human being to access their own creativity, opinions, political perspectives, thoughts and words, in short; censorship, can be. For your convenience. Here is the link directly to the Defining Censorship Campaign once more:



* Click the next link to find out more about Mark Thomas and his work:
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