Shoogle Tide

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Shoogle Tide

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Four of Catherine's poems: 'drowned', 'the boy on the camden omnibus', 'green fly high', and 'changes' appear in the poetry anthology, 'Shoogle Tide', published by Earlyworks Press ISBN 9780955342974

green fly high

they left us in the garden for an hour or two
so what did they expect? maybe that was the plan

under the apple tree nothing would happen
unless I did something drastic
so I put my arms around your shoulders
and pulled you to the ground
closed my eyes
because you are ugly, you know
quite hideous

eyes shut, you don't look so bad
and you know what to do with your hands
so the hour or two passed most pleasantly

then they came back
they'd been to the shops
and showed us their purchases
we smiled and nodded and said the right things

I left
but still
I remember your warm shoulders
as I pulled you down on the lawn
and your green fingers wove through my hair
awakening the soil beneath my body
the smell of crushed grasses, stinging ants, earthy breath
in my nostrils, bindweed capturing, tying me down and your arms
writhing tree roots, such strength, I never knew, never realised

recognition comes as the season of fire approaches
so that's who you were
I should have known
but you hid yourself well
beneath the old apple tree deep in the flowering grasses

'Shoogle Tide' is available directly from Earlyworks Press
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