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^ Louis P. Burns aka Lugh vs the UK Census 2011 Non-Compliance Department

Upstate Renegade Productions presents: Paddy Casey Unplugged, May 2006.

^ Paddy Casey: Sweet Suburban Sky (live). This performance filmed 31st May, 2006 in a record store in Derry. Film by Louis P. Burns aka Lugh / Upstate Renegade Productions.

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Andy West of 3rd Rock Revolution performing Half A Mind Away (Unplugged) at Upstate Renegade Productions, Derry 2009 . Video © Louis P. Burns aka Lugh / Upstate Renegade Productions 2009. All rights reserved.

^ Andy West of 3rd Rock Revolution (Unplugged @ Upstate Renegade Productions), Derry, Jan 16th, 2009.

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Fuck Bank Charges & Fuck The G20 / Bleed (Parts 1&2)
by: Andy West / Taxman & the Anti-Heroes (featuring Louis P. Burns aka Lugh):



Click here to read about this project or to become involved in our online discussion about the sheer criminality of bank charges.




Voice of the Crowd (original demo version) by Famous Blue Raincoat. Lyrics and music by Louis P. Burns aka Lugh © 1987. All rights reserved. Guitar by Louis P. Burns aka Lugh. Vocals performed by Andrew West. Click here to go to the Famous Blue Raincoat forum on Sensitize ©

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Call to Louis P. Burns aka Lugh from Oakleaf Medical Practice: Great James Street, Derry. Caller is Sharon McGinley (Surgery Manager) and reveals the gross malpractice and assault on me by certain GP's working there and prescribing the wrong medication for my diabetes. If this is just one example of how they play fast and loose with their patients lives, then I feel it only too fair to reveal this. My reasons for doing this are:

A) My health is in decline and exacerbated by the stress of all this.

B) I cannot afford, nor do I have the strength to contact a solicitor and endure their greed and ineptitude while they milk the situation and the Legal Aid services as my health perhaps declines unto death.

C) People like myself (a commited and dedicated community arts activist and campaigner) have to make provision via our skills. So that other poor souls who perhaps cannot cope at all with this form of malpractice. At least have some form of precedent wherein they can draw reference to the malpractice of GP's working in Derry and other NHS surgeries throughout the UK.

D) I'm a campaigner for the legalisation of medical cannabis in the UK
( click here see the Upstate Renegade Productions documentary: HEALING HERBS a medical cannabis information film by Louis P. Burns aka Lugh and Diarmuid McGowan inspired by a clip in a author and activist comedian: Mark Thomas' show; The Genetically Modified Mark Thomas Comedy Production (Vera Productions 1998 ). If I had access to medical cannabis then I could self medicate and work with my diabetes. Then, if things went tits up from there, well - I'd only have myself to blame and in the highly unlikely event of my death it would be recorded as death by misadventure and not death by manslaughter and professional malpractice. Consider it like this: I'd be doing the NHS a favour in the longrun.

^The above call recorded 18th April, 2011.



Independent Investigation into Ballymurphy Massacre:

"On 9th August 1971 the British Government introduced internment without trial in the North of Ireland. Between the 9th and the 11th August the British Army's Parachute Regiment killed eleven civilians in the mainly nationalist Ballymurphy housing estate. The deaths included a Catholic priest and a mother of eight. In all 53 children were left without a parent as a result of these killings. The killings were not investigated independently or appropriately and the Northern Ireland Office immediately disseminated disinformation alleging that all of those killed were involved in paramilitary activity. The cover up and lies added intensely to the deep hurt caused by these deaths. The ensuing suffering of the families has been indeed egregious. 38 years later it is now time for the British Government to act to put in place a human rights compliant, fully independent investigation so that the truth of what occured is firmly established and to make possible official actions of reparation and apology to the families. This will contribute positively to the processes of transition and healing in the North of Ireland and to the current debate on dealing with our collective past."

Please sign and then share the petition linked up above with the rest of the world to help set the truth free and allow the people of Ballymurphy to move on from that terrible State atrocity that was inflicted on their innocent lives. The British State have a great opportunity now to acknowledge the wrongs inflicted on the people of Ireland, the behest of bigoted politicians attached to the Orange State they ran here...




Please show your solidarity and support for the families of the innocent and unnarmed civilian victims of Bloody Sunday, Derry 1972. The British government / Ministry of Defence (MoD) are planning to access the Saville Enquiry's findings into the events of Bloody Sunday before the families can. This cannot be allowed to happen. It would be a breach of the families' collective human rights and entitlement under law to fair and impartial juctice and closure. There is a very real risk that the MoD / British government will censor and edit those findings in a bid to be seen in a better light. To find out how you can help and read more information, or to visit the official Museum of Free Derry (MoFD) website simply click the following hyperlinks: SET THE TRUTH FREE / MUSEUM OF FREE DERRY (MoFD) / Please sign and share the SET THE TRUTH FREE PETITION and the DOWNING STREET PETITION. If you are a Facebook account holder you can join their group here: Set The Truth Free on Facebook.

Upstate Renegade Productions fully support this campaign and are happy to assist in any way we can to further it all by placing it in the public domain. Please note: We do this free of charge and under guidance from MoFD and that we have their official permission to do so. Thank you.


^A video-poem by Raw Nerve Films




Wikileaks leaked video of Civilians killed in Baghdad - Full video:




"5th April 2010 10:44 EST WikiLeaks has released a classified US military video depicting the indiscriminate slaying of over a dozen people in the Iraqi suburb of New Baghdad -- including two Reuters news staff." Click here to read more and watch their edited version of the above video.

Please note that the above film contains harrowing scenes of mass murder and is the intellectual copyright property of Wikileaks. Upstate Renegade Productions are merely embedding it for the benefit of our activists, arts and media community; Sensitize's members to comment on and also to share and spread the word. If we are in violation of any copyright laws we would appreciate notification and will then amend, edit or remove it. Wikileaks can contact this site's owner here.

Thank you.

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(Mad Molly Records)
Click here to download for free.

I swear. I totally love it :D

No, seriously. This song is a masterpiece. Not only does it capture all that was great about the 80's, and let's face it, the jeans were great. Or maybe that's just me because I'm now fat but do you remember those jeans? They were cool.

(Wipes away a nostalgic tear).

All the stone washed catalogue ones were my favourites with the rolled up leg ends that revealed your desert boots, Doctor Martin's or House-of-Value steel toe-capped safety boots which had to be worn in certain departments of the Derry Youth & Community Workshop ;)

Which brings me round to Socialism. How could we be anything else with that pittance we were paid off that HOOR!!! Thatcher? We were Born-To-Be-Skint! Bound to get into Billy Bragg's tunes once we saw him on the television, touring England with his car battery powered amplifier and his axe-to-grind against 'The Tories' / 'The System' and every other pain-in-the-arse who stood in our way.

So, there you have it. My appraisal of the freely downloadable single; Billy Bragg Jeans by Paddy Nash & The Happy Enchiladas from the upcoming album: When We Were Brave (Release date - 5th April, 2010).

Buy it you muppets..!

Occasionally sincere.

Louis P. Burns aka Lugh ;)


Update 29th June, 2011:

To watch, 'like' / 'favourite' this song and video over on YouTube go here:


British Nationalist scum: Alan Fisher aka the_leander and Simon Brickhill aka Psikottix + their sycophantic cronies - Infesting author and comedian, Mark Thomas' website: & the Mark Thomas mailing list (aka The List). READ ALL ABOUT IT HERE Simon Brickhill making; SERIOUS CRIMINAL ACCUSATIONS, BLACKMAILING, ORCHESTRATING TERRORISM, SLANDERING & MAKING THREATS-TO-KILL AGAINST DISABLED MEMBER OF THE PUBLIC! P.S.N.I. & UK POLICE (Telecommunications Division) INVESTIGATION IN PROGRESS.


On the 16th February 2009 it became a crime for members of the public or the Press to take photographs of the police, the army, police stations, military installations and transportation units / personnel carriers in the UK, oh yeah and public buildings like bus and Tube stations. This change in the law falls under Section 76 of the Counter-Terrorism Act 2008 and is a variation on a law that was introduced here in the North of Ireland during The Troubles. It is part of sweeping new anti-terrorism laws that impede almost every aspect of life and living.

The reality is that the government are shit scared of the internet and people's ability to; for the first time ever, share almost instantly, incidences where the police and army brutalise and murder the public as we can see quite clearly in the footage of Mr. Ian Tomlinson's murder on the 1st April, 2009. The ability to take photographs or shoot footage of the army and police, then upload it to the internet also threatens the smug security of senior officer - Commander Simon O'Brien in the 2nd clip below, who is caught lying to the mainstream media (Channel 4 News) and therefore to all of us. Check out what he says about how his officers went to the aid or Mr. Tomlinson and how they came under attack from protestors as they assisted paramedics tending to him. The 1st clip below reveals this is not true. There is a petition on the Downing Street website which has attracted several thousand signatures so far . Please sign this petition yourself and share the link via your own websites, blogs, forums, MySpace, Facebook and YouTube channels. The more signatures this petition gets, the more cold sweat and fear we can run down the deserving spines of this most recent of British arms dealing war criminals and blaggards masquerading as politicians in Britain. The link to this petition is:

Above media clip: Footage of a Metropolitan Police constable striking Mr. Ian Tomlinson around the back of the legs with a telescopic truncheon, then pushing him forward, down onto the ground. Mr. Tomlinson was unnarmed, had his back turned to the police, his hands in his pockets and wasn't causing anyone any problems. He was an innocent man trying to make his way home from work during the G20 MELTDOWN demos in London on the 1st April, 2009. A few minutes later Mr. Tomlinson collapsed and died. Click here if you have any opinions on this and want to join in the Sensitize © discussion about it, follow the onscreen instructions in the page that opens from here.


Above media clip: Statement by police spokesperson to Channel 4 News on the 2nd April, 2009 - the day after Mr. Tomlinson was murdered. I reckon it's fairly safe to say the cop above is a seasoned liar and fascist with no conscience or remorse for how his animal subordinates behave. I demand as a rates and taxpayer, therefore his employer, that he be arrested, put on trial, jailed and of course fired from his job without pension since he's clearly incapable of doing it to my satisfaction. Click here if you have any opinions on this and want to join in the Sensitize © discussion about it, follow the onscreen instructions in the page that opens from here.


Above is the footage that the IPCC (Independent Police Complaints Commission) failed to get an injunction against Channel 4 News to have witheld from the public. The footage appears to reveal the same police constable, who struck Ian Tomlinson shortly before he died, had also been involved in other violent scuffles with members of the public, some of whom may have been protestors. The IPCC already have this same footage plus CCTV and police surveillance footage. Any request by them that the footage Channel 4 News have shared with the public (22nd April, 2009) be witheld on the grounds it may predjudice the investigation, could be because as of that date no police officer present when Mr. Tomlinson was assaulted has been interviewed in connection with the incident. Click here if you have any opinions on this and want to join in the Sensitize © discussion about it, follow the onscreen instructions in the page that opens from here.



Click here to watch the official HIGH VELOCITY political video-poem, written, performed and produced by Louis P. Burns aka Lugh (the owner of this domain and website). HIGH VELOCITY explores the similarities in recent history of The Troubles in Ireland with modern conflicts throughout the world. The piece is written from the perspective of someone picking up arms against their oppressive government, regime, religion, state or throne.



CONCERNING RONNIE BIGGS: JACK STRAW SHOULD GO TO JAIL. Please vote in the Sensitize © Poll to have; Ronnie Biggs set free and Jack Straw - JUSTICE SECRETARY! That's gotta be a joke, right? Plus all his crooked cohorts in government put in jail. Their expenses fraud and theft crimes were more calculated, methodical, prolonged and ruthless than those of Ronnie Biggs.

Click here to tell Gordon Brown to Fuck Off...!!!


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Go on. You know it makes sense.

Thanks :) 

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